The VA Benefit Can Now Pay for Retirement Community Rent

Listen to Marketing Manager / Owner Lisa Witt: Let Treemont Help!   

Treemont works with our current and prospective residents to help them get qualified for the VA Benefit. The goal is to put additional dollars in the pockets of veterans, who have earned this benefit by serving during a wartime period, for use in their retirement. Revised Fall 2018 Veterans Administration guidelines now permit this VA & Attendance Benefit to be used to pay for rent in a "protected environment." Previously, the VA Benefit could only be used for activities of daily living through a home care agency.

What constitutes a "protected environment?" A senior's doctor  must sign off that his or her patient must live in a "protected environment"   To be a protected environment the community has to have staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or emergency pull cords/call buttons, or locked exterior door. Based on this information, Treemont counts as a protective environment. In addition, Treemont's all-inclusive rent includes 3 meals/day, 7 days a week, weekly housekeeping, transportation to doctor's appointments and shopping, activities, entertainment and more.

Treemont will work with you to determine if the veteran will qualify for the VA Benefit, including: 

(1) Did you serve in the military during a war time period and receive an honorable discharge?

(2) Are you financially eligible?                                             (Click to view captions on video.)

Can you imagine what an extra $1,200 to $2,500 a month in a veteran's pocket would do for you or a loved one?

Call Lupe or Linda at 713.783.6820 to get the VA application process started. Or call or Email Lisa Witt, Marketing Manager /Owner at 505.797.8735. We will get you on the right path to receive  the veteran benefits you have earned for serving your country!

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