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Treemont: The Social Network of Senior Living

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Seniors often think that they are more “independent” if they stay put in the home they’ve enjoyed for 50 years. There’s a comfort there. Yet, the reality is that often retirement living community ties provide the social network and foundation ofTreemonters at Lone Star Museum_senior living houston-1 support that gives an 75 year old a truly more independent lifestyle.

Frequently, it’s the “adult children” who understand the value of a senior living community. They are more tuned in to wanting their mom or dad to have support services as they age and the benefits of new social connections. Seniors may fear a loss of independence —while their adult children understand that these fears can be unfounded and their parent might gain independence, rather than lose it.


Stay Independent in Senior Living 

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A Social Setting that Permits Connection with New Friends 

Treemont Retirement Community provides a social setting that makes it easy to connect with new friends over breakfast or lunch. Treemont promotes easy indoor walks from apartments to dining and activities that help residents stay physically active, in a safe environment. A retirement community provides planned activities that include mental stimulation, social engagement, physical exercise and education.

Independent Living communities provide private apartments that are comfortable places for some quiet time of rest and relaxation. Staff plan menus, shop for food, cook your meals and clean the dishes. Staff can take you to doctor’s appointments. They clean your bathrooms, vacuum your carpets, scrub your kitchenette, do your laundry and take out the trash. They also keep your environment in good repair, protect you from storms and provide flowers in the garden. The bottom line is that an adult child can enjoy visiting as a son or daughter again instead of running errands or playing a caregiver role.


Says resident Mike Calistrat about wife Caroline, 

“With the isolation of Covid, my wife Caroline was depressed,” says Mike.

“Treemont and the new friends she’s made has brought Caroline back to life. We have a nice social life, especially the activities that keep us very busy."

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A New Social Network — Avoiding Isolation 

One couple, Mike and Caroline Calistrat, recently found themselves struggling with isolation and soon after discovered Treemont. They couldn’t possibly be happier with their decision to make the move.

“With the isolation of Covid, my wife Caroline was depressed,” say Mike. “Treemont and the new friends she’s made has brought Caroline back to life. We have a nice social life, especially the activities that keep us very busy.”Calistrat quote_senior  living houston benefits2New call-to-actionTreemont has partnered with Senior Allegiance Home Health on campus who can provide reminders to help residents get the full benefit of their medications and avoid the risks of forgetting or doubling-up. Personal Assistance Services from Senior Allegiance can help seniors to safely take a shower, get dressed and get ready to enjoy the day. Plus Treemont staff keep a gentle eye out for your safety and wellbeing, giving peace of mind to your family.


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Why not enjoy these benefits today? Call us at (281) 957-1299 or visit We are available for visits including weekends with Keri. Treemont is located at 2501 Westerland Dr. 77063, (near Westheimer and Gessner)Located at 2501 Westerland Dr. in Houston’s Memorial area, Treemont is currently available for tours of independent living and virtual tours of their assisted living/nursing/rehab communities. Call us at 281-957-1299 for Independent Living. For nursing, rehab and assisted living, call Crystal at 713-816-2033 or visit or request a brochure to learn more. For general information on Senior Living, please click here.

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