Should Seniors Get Settled Before the Holidays?

The Benefits of Retirement Living During the Holidays

By StoryStudio October 5, 2021 10:28 AM - Houston Chronicle
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eniors often view moving during the holidays as an impediment because they want one last holiday at home before waiting for the New Year to move. However, those who try and hold off for “one more season” often experience unbearable loneliness and miss out on a sense of belonging. The reality is, it can be much more fun to be part of a community over the holidays, where rich bonds are formed, camaraderie is shared and top-level support is available specifically for seniors.

The Benefits of Living in a Retirement Community During the Holidays

This time of year, one of the most commonly asked questions during tours is, “What do senior living residents do over the holidays?” Treemont Retirement Community has a wide array of festivities for residents and their families to participate in, which are sure to delight and dazzle anyone.

For Halloween, Treemont’s Director of Maintenance, Don Ibanez, and our activities staff eagerly put up a haunted house and decorate the lobby to entertain and excite guests. From pumpkin painting to trick-or-treating with children in the neighboring community, friends and families gather for spooky-themed fun. The Lone Star 19-piece Swing Band performs for the Monster Mash Bash followed by our annual Halloween costume contest.

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During Thanksgiving week, fall harvest themes signal the festivities of Thanksgiving, and doors throughout the community are decorated by residents and their visitors. Chef James creates a delectable menu just for the residents to taste and enjoy, with his famous turkey and dressing that is an absolute must-try!By the time the Christmas Season rolls around, Treemont has put up their grand tree in the lobby for all to see and enjoy. Glittering lights and large sparkly ornaments enamor residents, families and guests. Everywhere you look is the sight of Christmas Carolers, gift-giving and Christmas cookie-baking. The residents are also able to attend their annual Christmas Lights bus trip tour through the heart of Houston.

Last but not least, when the New Year arrives, residents can reflect and remember the positive outlook on their new life at Treemont Retirement Community. Imagine: balloons, confetti and fabulous entertainment for the countdown to midnight on New Year’s Eve. Champagne and celebration all around to ring in the New Year RIGHT!


This means the daily cost is less than $59/day. Treemont Resident, Joanne, says, 

"I've found it cheaper to live here than it was to maintain my home. I had a townhouse. And by the time I paid my bills and expenses I was spending more money than I do here. And I get 3 meals a day and weekly housekeeping and I can't imagine a better way to live at this age."

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senior living houston residents_rummikube_IMG_4458_cFurther benefits to living at a senior living community include being surrounded by caring staff, fine dining socially with three well-balanced meals per day, the opportunity to participate in planned fitness programs, as well as life enrichment programs. Treemont strives to ensure that all residents are healthy, satisfied and safe; with no residents left behind or lonely for the holidays.

The Fun of the Holidays Is Present throughout Every Season at Treemont

As eventful and fun-filled as the holiday season is for residents, the same glowing cheer resonates year-round at Treemont, who always find any reason to have fun and celebrate not only for major holidays but also American Traditions like the Kentucky Derby or Cinco de Mayo – basically, any excuse to hold a celebration. There’s always something happening at Treemont!

Due to the pandemic, many seniors have been confined to their homes over the past 18 months, struggling with depression over a lack of human interaction. Treemont currently sits at a vaccination level of about 95% and is working tirelessly to get that number up to 100%. COVID tests are conducted for activities and bus trips to ensure all residents can socialize in a safe setting and avoid infection breakouts.

“For those who want to stay independent, they can do it safely without being confined to their home or apartment because of concerns about the Delta variant of COVID-19,” says Rachel Unverzagt, Executive Director of Treemont Retirement Community.

One couple, Mike and Caroline Calistrat, recently found themselves struggling with isolation and soon after discovered Treemont. They couldn’t possibly be happier with their decision to make the move.Calistrat quote_senior  living houston benefits1Additionally, Andy Calistrat, the son of Mike and Caroline, has also experienced enormous peace of mind, able to visit his parents and spend precious time with them rather than be a caregiver.Calistrat quote_senior  living houston benefits2

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Become Part of a Thriving Community for Only $59 a Day

Living in Treemont Retirement Community, residents feel safer and regain their independence by living a maintenance-free lifestyle thaNew call-to-actiont  starts at only $59 a day, easily the best value in Houston. Unique to this independent lifestyle is an extensive list of amenities that includes: transportation to shopping and medical appointments, receiving weekly housekeeping and having the trash taken out for you, as well as optional services like medication management or assistance getting dressed if you’ve recently suffered a temporary or permanent physical setback. The longtime devoted staff also performs a 9:00 safety check program every single day, both morning and night.

Thanks to their community’s myriad of activities, events and excellent quality care services, there is plenty to do and celebrate. Families can rest assured that holidays at Treemont are something to remember and to be a part of.

Top 10 Reasons for Seniors to Make a MoveTo set up an in-person visit at Treemont Retirement Community in the centrally located Memorial area of Houston (at 2501 Westerland Drive 77063), reach out to their helpful, knowledgeable staff by calling 281.957.1299 or visiting www.Treemont.comCall us at 281.957.1299 for Independent Living. For nursing, rehab and assisted living, call Kelli at 713-816-2033. Click to download a free pamphlet.

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