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Bob: I enjoy the entertainment on Friday and Saturday afternoons.  That’s very good. Yesterday they had a piano player and sometimes they have people that sing and dance.  Some of the people get up and dance.  It’s in the lobby. It’s a come and go thing. I enjoy that. It’s very nice.

Susie: Yes, I have some friends here and we play rummy cube once or twice a week and I stay pretty busy all the time doing something.  I go to tai chi program on Wednesday mornings.

Gene and Patricia: We’ve been fortunate also in finding some dining partners.  I was raised in Houston and the lady was raised in Houston. The gentleman is a petroleum engineer and I’m a geologist so we can tell a lot of laughs about experiences in oil businesses.  You never want to go on a cruise where there is assigned seating. You can get 14 days of misery. That’s not the case here. If you’re not pleased You find your place. You don’t have to go sit at that table no matter what. It’s a good system. The dining room is an exceptional place I think.  For that many peoples, and  that that many meals and that short a period of time.

JeanneI truly appreciate the rides.  Although there are doctors who come here. There are doctors who come here. I go to Doctor or dentist on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesdays are doctor days. You just tell them where you want to go and they’ll come pick you up when you’re ready. And Kate is just perfect at that. It’s a win-win situation. I really enjoyed staying here. I really never had any thought or consciousness that this was the wrong decision.

Gene: Trish loves to play bridge. The first plan was to search out available bridge groups. Patricia is in about 3 different bridge groups.  We like the afternoon entertainment, the piano playing and singing.  Different people play different, classical, some of it’s Broadway, some of it’s contemporary music. It’s fun. Some of the performers are a little beyond their prime, but they’re fun to listen to. The group is fun to be with.  All in all it’s been a good experience.

Carmen: On the way in here, I just had a lady say “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” I said “Oh Betty, I said yes you would.” She said, “You have done so much for everybody here, we just love you.” I said “Thank you so much.” I get that quite often. My thing is to help people.

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Residents Love Treemont's Social Atmosphere 

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Testimonials continued....

Jeanne: One of my favorite things is every Thursday any of the residents who want to go out for lunch go.  The driver takes us and often times another member of the staff comes along. So we get to know the staff pretty well. The residents who are there decide on one Thursday where we go the following next Thursday. It’s where we want to go. It’s not where Treemont says we have to go. 

DorisI have such an especially nice friend that we’ve enjoyed each other. I was married 63 years and he was married 63 years so we both had just wonderful marriage so we knew what a perfect situation it would be here for each of us to be here to be good friends for the rest of our lives.


These personal testimonials provide insight into why Treemont residents happily call Treemont home. To discover if Treemont is a good fit for you, we recommend that you come for lunch and a tour, speak with residents, meet the staff and ask questions. We look forward to your visit. 

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