New Year's Resolution — Make The Key Senior Living Decision

Top 10 Reasons for Seniors to Get Settled Now!

treemontretirementcommunity-houston-three-best-rated-assisted-living-houstonIf the time has come for you or your parent to move to a more supportive environment, Make the one decision that counts. Get successfully settled into a senior living community that provides the best care to maintain one’s dignity, independence and a healthy lifestyle.  Click for a PDF Version to Share with Relatives. 

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The Top 10 Reasons for Seniors to get settled in a senior living community are:

1. Peace of Mind ~ safety checks, pull cords with people around, inside corridors

2. 3 Meals Daily ~ so Seniors Stay Healthy and Well-Nourished

3. Free Transportation ~ so Seniors can manage their own doctors appointments

4.Social Living ~ Seniors aren’t isolated at home & develop new friendships

5. Maintenance free living ~ no more housekeeping or maintenance

6. Modest price ~ that can be less than maintaining a home New call-to-action

7. Scenic campus ~ where one can garden, safely walk and get exercise.

8. Great location ~ close to hospitals, doctor’s offices and shopping

9. Robust Activities Program ~ to keep seniors active and engaged

10.Extra Care Options ~ available when needed, including home health in your apartment. Your address doesn't change have to change when your care needs do.

11.Ability to continue to entertain ~ my family and friends. Private dining room available.

Come visit Treemont. Speak with Resident Coordinators Lupe or Linda who have experience helping families with late-life transitions. Share your situation. Let us answer your questions and help guide you to the right solution for you or your parents. Call (713) 783-6820 now. Don’t delay your own peace-of-mind when you make a comfortable choice!  Click for a PDF Version to Share with Relatives. 

If you still have questions and want another resource, click on Assisted Living Houston — what to consider.  Click to view: Top 5 Reasons Seniors Thrive at Treemont.  Click to view: Can you afford Senior Living at less than $59/day?"

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