My Glorious Path to Treemont

"I moved to Treemont nine months ago almost to the day and I remember what a huge decision it was, it took me 4 months.  The marketing director was wonderful. She held my hand, talked it out with me, worked it out with me, and when I finally made the decision,  I can’t say enough how relieved I am. I wake up every day and remind myself that I’m safe. I lived in a multi-family apartment from Louisiana and there were robberies.  Safety seems to be the ultimate need of every human being.  I am safe, I am cared for. I’m living with a family. It’s not the family that I raised, nor the family I grew up with. It’s a family where we have many, many things in common. And every day I find myself more and more connected to people I didn’t even know two months ago. So I’m happy I’m here. My children say fairly often. “You gave us the gift of Treemont.” 

Another factor I feel worth mentioning. is that I raised six children and was responsible for meals every day 7 days a week.  And to move here and walk in a line and pick what I want to eat seems like I’m in heaven. Also I never ever felt any kind of connection to housekeeping…dusting and mopping.  And every now and then, I remember someone comes once a week. What a glorious way to live the second half of my life!"

Treemont is fortunate to have Maggie as a resident. She works at the Front Desk to support the Front Office and Marketing Team. As a counselor previously, Maggie brings this supportive perspective to new senior living residents and has generously offered to lend her insights to new residents who are transitioning to retirement living. Many residents find fulfillment in being a support network to fellow senior residents. Thank you Maggie for all you do for Treemont residents!

Maggie Burch describes her path to Treemont

Learn the steps in the process Treemont Resident Maggie Burch went through to make her decision to move to a retirement community. We understand the challenge of down-sizing and moving to a retirement community. Let us help you or your loved one make the best choice. Contact Lupe or Linda at 713-783-6820 or via to ask a question or schedule lunch and a tour.

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