Joanne Driscoll's Journey 

From Gurney to a Cane to Independent Living 

I came to Treemont through a different route.  I was a patient in the hospital for about six months and I needed a skilled nursing center after my stay in the hospital. So I had been at several different nursing several nursing centers which were not good at all. So I finally came to Treemont. And they did a marvelous job for me. The nursing staff was competent, they were caring, they took wonderful care of people. They knew who each patient was and what each patient needed. And I had a good experience if you can have a good experience in a situation like that. 

Top 10 Reasons for Seniors to Make a Move

After I was finished with the nursing home, I needed a place to live I couldn’t go back to my home because it had too many stairs. I looked around and realized they had residences for independent on the ground. And so I came over saw an apartment and took it. It has been a wonderful experience. I’ve been here a year. I’ve enjoyed the staff who, are again, very caring and compassionate people. I’ve enjoy the residents who varied and full of fun. I love the informal atmosphere. It’s like a home. It’s not institutional in any way. The activities are interesting and informative. I’ve found it’s cheaper to live here than it was to maintain my home. I had a townhouse. And by the time I paid my bills and expenses I was spending more money than I do here. And I get 3 meals a day and weekly housekeeping and I can’t imagine a better way to live at this age.

When I entered the rehab center I came in on a gurney and an ambulance and I left walking. The physical therapy department over there is marvelous. They got me from the gurney, to a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane to the Treemont independent living. They are an absolutely marvelous bunch of people.

Treemont is known for it's quality care and top notch rehabilitation program. Staff try to make the rehab fun. However, they make sure residents do the rehab so they can return to a more independent living environment they had prior to their incident. We encourage you to stop by Treemont Health Care Center and to learn that a nursing home can be a valuable stop on the road to recovery.

Thank you Joanne for sharing many aspects of your story of how you got to Treemont Retirement Community!  Your insights at Treemont continue to be invaluable as we make Treemont the best it can be!                                                                     

Why do Rehab at Treemont Nursing?

Read or listen to Joanne's journey from a gurney, to a wheelchair, to a cane to Treemont Independent Living. Joanne also discusses how living in a retirement home can be more cost effective than maintaining her own home. At Treemont, we understand the importance of receiving top quality nursing and rehab care to achieving your rehabilitation goals. Let us help you or your loved one make the best choice.  

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