Residents Enjoying Life Again!

Houston Seniors Enjoying Life Again Following COVID

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Over the course of the past year, seniors have had a particularly tough time navigating the dangers of the pandemic, including the elderly who count on family members as well as friends to provide them with care. Due to isolation caused by restrictive measures, this sadly resulted in poor health for thousands of seniors still living at home who suddenly found themselves without their usual helping hand.

However, like a rainbow following a torrential downpour, a tremendous upside finally emerged. Life at the Treemont Retirement Community in Houston, Texas has now made a return to normalcy. Following the success of their recent vaccination program, both residents and employees at Treemont are safely back to interacting regularly over meals and activities. Overall, this has boosted the quality of living among the entire Treemont community, restoring not just everyday life but hope in general.

Stay Independent in Senior Living 

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A Longtime Resident of Treemont Reflects on Her Experience

As a resident of Treemont Retirement Community, Nancy Aldredge began her journey 14 years ago when she was 80 years old, first meeting with Resident Counselor Ann Lawler. Despite Nancy having the financial wherewithal to be able to pick wherever she wanted to live, she chose Treemont because it “felt like home.”

Now that Nancy is 94, she maintains this has been one of the best decisions of her life.

“I enjoy the people and camaraderie of my neighbors most of all,” Nancy says, citing her love of playing bridge with fabulous new friends and heading to the dining room three times a day for chef-prepared, family-style meals. Treemont also has many dances and parties for just about every occasion, always made special with decorations and themed food.



Says Nancy Aldredge,  who moved to Tremont 14 years ago, 

"Living at Treemont has been rejuvenating. It removed many of  my daily responsibilities and small worries of maintaining a household. I can just relax and enjoy myself." 

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Back to Normal: Loving Life for Just $59 a Day

One of the most essential aspects of a healthy lifestyle includes plenty of social interaction. A recent trip for Treemont residents included a road trip to see the blooming Bluebonnets and chow down on Texas’ favorite ice cream, Blue Bell. From bingo and art classes to gardening and exercise, as well as musical events, comedy shows, and BBQs, no one ever gets bored living at Treemont.

That’s one reason most people might not believe this telling fact: 92% of residents at Treemont had never considered moving to a retirement community prior to their initial visit. They quickly realized the purpose of Treemont is to enhance your life so you’re able to stay independent longer, living in your own apartment with plenty of great food, housekeeping, transportation, access to doctors, and most importantly, never facing isolation.

Many residents have the means to go anywhere, but in a market where retirement communities can easily charge upwards of $6,000 per month for a single resident, the value simply isn’t there. At Treemont, the base rate of $1,750 per month is for an all-inclusive residence, averaging out to only $59 a day for meals, lodging, and peace of mind. Talk about affordable!

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Reclaim Your Independence

Not being cared for properly isn’t a form of independence since it prohibits you from being your best self. As a vibrant community, Treemont is the perfect answer for seniors with a strong desire to lead an active, happier lifestyle. On that same note, adult children who find it increasingly difficult to visit their parents can rest assured their closest loved ones are experiencing the safest way of living possible. With an energetic career staff who have been at Tremont for years, residents only receive the exact level of help they need – no matter how much or how little – to continue enjoying life.

“It’s been a challenging year, but our Executive Director Rodney Brooks took great care of all of us and made sure we all stayed safe,” resident Nancy says. “I’ve enjoyed my journey and think you might too!”

Top 10 Reasons for Seniors to Make a MoveNestled in the Memorial Area of Houston at 2501 Westerland Dr, Treemont’s friendly staff is always excited to provide a free in-person tour and lunch at their senior living community. Call us at 281.957.1299 for independent living and Kelli for assisted living and nursing/rehabilitation care. Or visit or request a brochure to learn more. 


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