5 Basic Needs that Prompt a Move

When is it Time to Move to a Retirement Community? 5 Basic Needs of Seniors

By StoryStudio January 14, 2020 3:16 PM - Houston Chronicle

A senior living houston graphicfter visiting family, especially during the holidays, “adult kids” are often surprised that a parent has a slower gait, may have lost weight, isn’t driving as much and seems more isolated. This discovery might trigger some family discussions on “How can we best help Mom or Dad?”368A3241_assisted living houston couple dancing Maurice Minette

Change is scary. Seniors are hesitant to move out of a beloved home they’ve lived in for decades — and “adult kids” want to respect their parents’ independence.

The reality is that retirement living can help seniors remain active and independent longer. You get a built-in network of friendly people and access to quality care. There’s also no bath to clean, no yard to mow, and no dishes to wash.

Specifically, seniors have 5 basic needs for a Retirement Community:  (1) peace-of-mind/safety, (2) a maintenance-free lifestyle, (3) companionship, (4) independence, and (5) a good value.

1. Peace of Mind/Safety.

At a senior community, there are always people around — staff and residents. Treemont has twice daily optional safety checks, emergency pull chords, inside corridors, an overnight security guard plus extra home health care options on-site.

2. Maintenance-free Lifestyle.

Retirement communities can often free up senior’s time from daily chores, housekeeping, grocery shopping, and yard maintenance. As Treemont Resident, Lois, says,quote senior living houston


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Many retirement communities have all-inclusive monthly rates that include 3 meals a day, weekly housekeeping, transportation to doctors and shopping, activities, entertainment and more. “You no sooner call the front desk and maintenance is there to change a light bulb or hang a painting,” says Lois.

3. Enjoying Companionship.

Staying home and watching TV is not always a social activity. Many communities offer activities to keep you busy from morning to night. Treemont offers fitness classes, educational clinics, writing and art programs, plus sing-alongs, movie nights, card games, lunch groups, dances, and excursions. Some seniors skip the planned activities but enjoy quiet social opportunities at mealtimes. Executive Director Rodney Brooks says,

“It is heartwarming to see ladies gather evenings in the library or lobby to play bridge or Rummi-Cube. Many women, often recently widowed, have made such wonderful late-life friendships. They now have a new sense of friendship and camaraderie living in a retirement community.”

4. Retaining One’s Independence.

Seniors want to feel they have not given up independence by moving. Treemont residents enjoy the ease of living in a new home with support services in the background so they don’t need to ask family members with help with home repairs or transportation to doctors. They discover a move has given them more independence, not less. Senior living can also be attractive to couples when one wants more social time and the other prefers time alone. Marilyn, for example, craves the social aspects of senior living, including exercise and dance classes, and the Gardening Angels Club. When she’s out socializing, her husband Bob appreciates his alone time at home and surfs the internet, checking out his stock portfolio, in his favorite chair. Marilyn and Bob can meet and enjoy meals with friends in the community, or at one of the hosted lunches in town, but also have the independence to do what they love most every day.

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5. Getting Value for their Money.

Treemont recognizes the concern that most seniors express about the affordability of senior care. Retirement communities offer a package of services with great value. Treemont’s rental pricing starts at $1,750/month including rent, utilities, housekeeping, 3 meals daily and activities/entertainment, withNew call-to-action no “buy-in” (often hundreds of thousands of dollars). Compare the Value: Staying Home vs Retirement Living to see how your monthly at-home expenses compare to Treemont. These “stay at home” monthly costs include real estate taxes, fire and flood insurance, utilities (electricity, heat, AC, and water),lawn and other maintenance services (carpet cleaning), large home repairs (leaky roof, new boiler), car insurance and repairs, and housekeeping. Treemont Resident, Joanne, says,

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Top 10 Reasons for Seniors to Make a Move

 At Treemont, there are many different living options – from Independent Living apartments to short-term rehabilitation spaces. There’s no one-size-fits-all home, and Treemont’s Resident Counselors talk through each option and the respective benefits before so seniors can make the most informed choice.

Reach out to Treemont today at 281-957-1299 or www.Treemont.com. Whether you need to move for health reasons or because you want a maintenance-free lifestyle, Treemont offers many benefits. For nursing, rehab and assisted living, call Kelli at 713-783-4100. Treemont is located in the Memorial area at 2501 Westerland Dr at Westheimer near Gessner. Walk-in tours are always welcome! 



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