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Why Maggie Feels 'Safe' at Houston Assisted Living Community

Posted by Lisa Witt on Dec 7, 2014 11:48:00 AM

Learn Why Maggie Moved to A Houston Retirement Community

Moving to a retirement community can be a significant late-life decision. For some it's a fairly straightforward decison, and for others it is decision that is contemplated and mulled over for some time. It is often helpful to hear first hand accounts of individual residents' thought processes on what prompted them to make the move. In our houston-assisted-living-communitydiscussion with Maggie Burch, the topic of safety arose. We want to equip you with the knowledge to determine if the Houston assisted living facility or retirement home you move to will satisfy your peace-of-mind concerns. 

In this case, feeling "safe" was an important consideration for Maggie. Independent living Houston, TX communities want residents and their family members to have "peace-of-mind" in retirement. Our first priority is to provide a warm and comforting environment where we support the best quality of life for our residents.

Below is a list of the ways in which Treemont fosters "peace-of-mind" from both residents and family members. Our independent living Houston residential apartment rates include the following inclusive items that might add to the secure feeling Maggie discusses in her testimonial.

  • Long-tenured, Caring Staff. Many of staff members have worked at our community for 30+ years. 

  • Twice Daily Resident Safety Checks. Treemont has a "9 o'clock" program. This voluntary program asks residents to place their 9 o'clock door hanger out at 9pm in the evening and remove it by 9am the next morning. If this is not done, then a staff member will knock on your door to check on your. If a resident does not answer, the staff person will enter the apartment to do a safety check.

  • Emergency Call System in your Apartment.  It gives family members and residents peace-of-mind to have emergency pull chords in both the bedroom and bathroom in case one falls or is experiencing difficulties.

  • All Inside Corridors. Treemont has six buildings focused around a central dining room and living areas. Whether it is hot or cold, rainy or sunny, you can walk anywhere on camus and remain indoors. No need to risk a fall due to inclement weather.

  • Home Health Services on premise. Senior Allegiance, Inc. Home Care has entered into a preferred provider agreement with Treemont Retirement Community. Senior Allegiance provides personal assistance services and Medicare Home Health to residents. The goal is to keep residents independent longer in their individual apartments. We call this "Independence Plus" and it often costs much less than traditional assisted living does. If you pull your emergency pull chord, a Senior Allegiance staff person is often the first to respond. You may sign a "Just in Case Agreement" — at no cost —that would provide Senior Allegiance with background information on you in the event of an emergency. This also permits several well checks after a resident has an incident.

  • Security Guard on Call. A security guard is on call evenings to make sure that residents are secure in their assisted living Houston apartments. A recent aesthetic improvement of a gate around the Treemont campus also provides the benefit of additional security.

We try to foster an environment in which residents feel safe and secure in retirement..

"I moved to Treemont nine months ago almost to the day and I remember what a huge decision it was, it took me 4 months. The marketing director was terrific. She held my hand, talked it out with me, and when I finally made the decision, I can’t say enough how relieved.... 

Read and view Maggie's account of what were key elements in her decision to move to senior living community.


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