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Spring Break Volunteers Bring Joy to Assisted Living in Houston Residents

Posted by Lisa Witt on May 9, 2016 11:00:00 AM

Volunteers Bring Joy to Assisted Living in Houston Residents

"Spring Break” normally brings to mind thoughts of warm sun, sandy beaches, a trip to Grandma's or even the mountains.  For Treemont Retirement Community residents “Spring Break” is Junior Volunteer season — when residents get extra assistance from some wonderful kids.  volunteers_bring_joy_to_assisted_living_in_houton_residents.jpg

The Junior Volunteers this year came from T.H. Rogers Middle School and Strake Jesuit Preparatory School. Residents sign up well in advance of their arrival for help with their many needs, which include: guidance on operating electronic devices (a BIG request), lifting boxes up to (and down from) a top shelf in the closet, hooking up a TV, and playing Wii games. Residents who are sight impaired need help labeling items so they can identify them.  

This year three extraordinary Strake Jesuit students helped arrange an entire Library donated by new resident W. B.  "Mac" MacLeroy, Jr. It was a mutually rewarding as the students were fascinated by Mr. McLeroy's vast interests and Mr. Mac enjoyed working with such fantastic students.

The Junior Honor Society of the T. H. Rogers Middle School held a "car wash" to clean resident cars on Wednesday of Spring Break.   Residents lined up early for the car wash event and raved about the results, saying:  "That's a better wash than I pay $18 for."   The kids had a great time, laughing and squealing as the boys sprayed the girls with the water hose. After all, it can't be all work.  

Spring Break volunters bring joy to assisted living in Houston residents with the breath of youth breathed into the community. There are lots of grins and giggles, many happy residents feeling like they've had a visit from the grandkids and, hopefully, students coming away with a different perspective on life in a retirement community and how engaging seniors can be. To read more on this topic, click to view the Houston Chronicle story.

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