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Treemont Nursing & Rehab Certificate of Accomplishment Ceremony

Posted by Lisa Witt on Sep 29, 2018 6:00:00 AM

Treemont Nursing & Rehab Certificate of Accomplishment Ceremony

Everyone faces setbacks; character is defined by our response.  Should the setback come from health issue(s) that result in injury or surgery, Treemont has resources in place to aide in recovery.  The real work comes from mentally preparing and then physically pursuing rehabilitation goals that make you safer and stronger.  ‘Our goal is that we minimize the chance that residents have to return to the hospital or the healthcare center after an inpatient stay,’ according to Marion Hattix, the Admission Director at Treemont Health Care Center.

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The most recent Certificate of Accomplishment Ceremony was held Monday August 20, 2018 in the main lobby of independent living.  Residents were able to reconnect with the therapy and nursing staff that helped them transition back home.  It was a great opportunity to reflect on their progress while enjoying drinks, fruit, and an epic cheese ball handcrafted for the event by Chef James and the kitchen staff All Treemont residents are invited to attend with ceremonies being held throughout the year.

Through determination, hard work and with the encouragement from the professional staff at Treemont Health Care Center along with family and friends, we’d like to recognize the following residents for their accomplishments of returning home to Treemont Independent safer and stronger…

Mary Clements, Janis Gardner, Lida Huckabay, Anne Kruse, Irene McElroy, Virginia McHugh, Maryam Naser, Dana Petri, Alec Smoke, Charles Stone, Frank Vetter, and George Weisbecker.    


What are the benefits of Treemont’s Continuum of Care Campus?

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A stay at Treemont doesn’t have to end when rehab is complete. Treemont provides multiple care levels on one scenic campus — independent living, therapy/home care in one’s apartment, and assisted living.

 Let Treemont Health Care Center ensure a seamless transition from hospital to rehab to home for your family member. Come by for a tour, call Admissions Director Marion Hattix at 713-783-4100, or visit www.Treemont.comTreemont is in the Memorial area at 2501 Westerland Drive.


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