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Treemont Rehab Promotes Return to Independence

Posted by Lisa Witt on Aug 18, 2018 8:30:00 AM

Treemont Nursing and Rehab Promotes Return to Independence 

HCC Rehab Certificate of AchievementResidents often come to skilled nursing following medical setbacks, like a complicated infection, a fall resulting in a fracture, or a stroke resulting in the need for retraining in daily living tasks. What sets Treemont Health Center apart is its top-notch therapy team. The therapy program in the HCC consists of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Each plays a large role in the strengthening process. HCC takes great pride in helping residents get stronger and return to an independent lifestyle.  

Treemont’s fantastic success rate and unique approach are why many residents choose to work with the therapy team in the HCC. “The only way our residents will get better is if we make therapy fun to encourage residents to complete their daily regimen,” says Jobert Macas, head of Treemont’s therapy group. “Often our residents don’t realize what they’re doing is actually therapy. We use our creativity to make sure they complete their exercises so they can get better.”

The residents become part of a team and encourage each other throughout the process. Therapist Donna Kelley states, “We tell our residents not to look at where you are now, but to look at where you are going; and before you know it you will get there.”

If you have a fall or other medical issue that requires a nursing stay, please reach out to Admissions Director Kelli Walleck at 713-816-2033 or She is a terrific resource and can reassure you that if seniors work hard, they will be able to regain their strength so they can return to independent living. 

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A stay at Treemont doesn’t have to end when rehab is complete. Treemont provides multiple care levels on one scenic campus — independent living, therapy/home care in one’s apartment, and assisted living.

 Let Treemont Health Care Center ensure a seamless transition from hospital to rehab to home for your family member. Come by for a tour, call Admissions Director Kelli Walleck at 713-783-4100, or visit www.Treemont.comTreemont is in the Memorial area at 2501 Westerland Drive.

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