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Meet Your Assisted Living Houston Neighbor: Arden Thornton

Posted by Lisa Witt on Aug 17, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Meet Your Treemont Neighbor: Arden Thornton

by Jane Zimmerman, Treemont Resident

There were many residents who came to Treemont due to Hurricane Harvey.  When the City declared her neighborhood as a boat ramp for boats to rescue dogs and people, Arden Thornton had to leave.  She came to Treemont before the storm ended and was taken in as a tenant, and provided the necessities she needed through an emergency donation program here in the activity department.  She smiled when the volunteers outfitted her with new clothes, and said, “They all match!”  Since then Arden has become a pleasant addition to our community.  She decided to sell her home and make our senior living in Houston community her permanent residence, though she plans to travel to Europe extensively in the future.

Arden was born in Orlando, Florida. She attended Florida State University, majoring in French and Spanish, and minoring in music and education. 

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92% of Treemont Seniors Never Even Considered Moving to a Retirement Community

Posted by Lisa Witt on Aug 15, 2019 3:58:15 PM

92% of Treemont Residents Never Even Considered a Senior Community Until...

Change is scary – especially for a loved one who has lived in the same home for decade.

Even as Marilyn and Bob got older, they never considered moving into a retirement home for many reasons. But as their health continued to decline, they realized a senior community was a good option.

“After talking with our family, we decided it would be better to do so sooner than later, when we could make the decision without someone making it for us,” they said. Marilyn and Bob are part of the majority of seniors who only considered the move after significant health issues forced them to. Ironically, they are also like many of Treemont Retirement Community’s residents in Houston who now tell their friends they wished they made the change to avoid the severity of their health problems, or to have an earlier start on enjoying a renewed social life, improved comfort and boosted confidence.

What allowed them to take a new look at the possibility that retirement living might actually be worth some serious consideration?

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Nursing Homes Houston: Spotlight on ADON Simone Johnson

Posted by Lisa Witt on Aug 14, 2019 11:58:16 AM

Spotlight on Houston Nursing Home ADON Simone Johnson

The Assistant Director of Nursing (ADON) Simone Johnson plays a key role in ensuring the smooth functioning of Treemont Health Care Center’s nursing, rehabilitation and assisted living community. Simone Johnson’s primary goal is to enhance the efficiency of the nursing staff.

Simone’s responsibilities include the development of optimal resident care plans, evaluation of the different systems followed during the treatment, planning rotations for the staff and making sure that each and every patient is receiving the required amount of attention. Says Administrator Cynthia Lamison, Simone is a perfect pair for our DON Sheree Wade, she assists in quality monitoring, training and mentoring of our staff and assures our residents our well taken care of.  Simone is hands on, making a minimum two supervisory rounds in a day.

Originally from Dallas, Simone came to Houston to get her nursing degree at Prairie View A&M University. “Nursing school has always been a passion of mine. I knew that I wanted to be a nurse ever since I was in high school,” says Simone. In 2011 my grandfather passed away from cancer and while we

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Psychiatric Nurse Dina Gudas Helps Seniors Maintain Their Independence

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 22, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Psychiatric Nurse Dina Gudas Helps Treemont Residents Stay Independent

The purpose of Senior Allegiance is to permit Treemont residents to maintain an independent lifestyle in their own apartment for as long as possible. Seniors want to maintain their independence and a small, helping hand can mean all the difference between staying healthy or having continued health setbacks that require hospitalization or a higher level of care, such as assisted living or nursing. We are fortunate that Senior Allegiance, as part of its Medicare Home Health Program, has a full-time Psychiatric Nurse Dina Gudas, RN.

Senior Allegiance Administrator Karina Walker says:  With her extensive psychiatry knowledge and compassion, Dina has contributed to one the factors that make Senior Allegiance so unique and such as asset to the Treemont Community. The passion she has for psychiatric nursing shows in the way she cares for her patients. From teaching patients coping skills, working with psychiatric and primary

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Healthy Tips for Seniors: Mental Health Awareness

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 16, 2019 9:10:00 AM

Healthy Tips for Seniors: Mental Health Awareness

Just as physical health is important for one’s overall well being, mental health plays an important role as well. Often mental health is something that many do not like to talk about, and therefore will delay getting help.  It is estimated that 20% of people age 55 years or older experience some type of mental health concern. That is roughly 1 in 5 individuals over the age of 55. Addressing any potential mental health issues can improve your or your loved one’s quality of life.

Older adults are more likely to report physical symptoms rather then psychiatric symptoms, and will often seek care from their primary physician more often than from a psychiatrist/psychologist. Knowing risk factors that can play a role in mental health, can aid in identifying symptoms quicker and receiving the appropriate care.

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Spotlight on Medicare Quality Assurance Nurse Sheila Quia

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 8, 2019 3:57:39 PM

Medicare Therapy Supports Houston Independent Living Residents

Many of you have seen a warm, friendly face walking around the Treemont campus. Sheila Quia is Senior Allegiance’s Medicare Quality Assurance (QA) Coordinator. She is also the liaison with Medical Director Dr. Adrian Zaharia, a physician for many Treemont residents, and their families. 

Are you aware that Medicare covers the cost of many of the services that allow you to remain active, especially if you have been hospitalized in the past year?  Senior Allegiance will work with your doctor to help identify service needs that can be provided under the Medicare program, including physical, occupational or speech therapy as well as nursing care. In her Quality Assurance role, Sheila reviews nurses’ Medicare notes to make sure they comply with doctors’ orders, and verifies that they qualify for Medicare home health and therapy.

Director of Nursing Karina Walker says, “Sheila has been an integral part of the Senior Allegiance team. She has a keen eye for details which comes in handy when

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Treemont Nursing and Rehab Reports Stellar Survey

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 8, 2019 2:17:15 PM

Treemont Nursing and Rehab Center Reports Stellar Quality of Care Inspection

Treemont Health Care Center recently completed an excellent survey process in May. Each year, nursing homes have an annual survey, conducted by the State of Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) surveyors. The Nursing Facility Inspection survey is an in-depth look at the facility’s policy, procedures and practices, typically by a team of 4 to 6 surveyors. The Survey includes 17 areas, including: Resident Rights, Quality of Life, Resident Assessment Quality of Care, Nursing Services, Dietary Services, Infection Control, Physical Plant and Environment, and Administration.

“This was a stellar survey and the best survey Treemont has had in the recent years. I’m very proud of the hard work that our new Administrator Cynthia Lamison and Director of Nursing Sheree Wade have done, with the support of the full Treemont team, which is reflected in this year’s survey results,” says Owner Tom Witt.”

According to Cynthia, “One of the surveyors made an observation that our medication technician Steven Gardner deserves an award for his work. His attention to detail and care for the residents reflects the type of devoted employee Treemont has on its team.”

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Meet Your Assisted Living Houston Neighbor: Charles Revilla

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 1, 2019 12:35:56 PM

Meet Your Treemont Neighbor: Charles Revilla

by Jane Zimmerman, Treemont Resident

Handsome resident Charles Revilla is a coal miner’s son, born July 6, 1926 in Imboden, Virginia.  His father quit mining when he got married in Rose Hill, Va. and tried farming, but was not fond of the profession.  Nor was he happy with Ford’s Detroit industries he tried, so he returned to Imboden as a coal miner.   His father retired at 65 years old and had many stories to tell about mining, including a close call he had when a rock roof collapsed, killing his partner. 

Needless to say, Charles chose a different career path, with the aid of the U.S. Navy during WWII.  He was drafted, served from 1944-46 and had experience with atomic bomb testing at Bikini lagoon in the Pacific.  The great thing about serving in the Navy was his eligibility for college on the GI bill, although he worked for his father in the timber yard outside the coal mine immediately after leaving the service.

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Meet Your Assisted Living Houston Neighbor: Lois McCall

Posted by Lisa Witt on May 25, 2019 9:10:00 AM

Meet Your Treemont Neighbor: Lois McCall

by Jane Zimmerman, Treemont Resident

Always pleasant, smiling and beaming with joy, Lois McCall glides through Treemont in her power chair on her way to the dining room, activities or to meet a friend.  She always acknowledges those who speak or simply offer her a smile.  After residing at Treemont for 10 years, she knows many people and has many friends through her volunteer work here.  Lois leads the Monday afternoon Bible Study class in the Green Room and began the “Meet Your Neighbor at Treemont” articles, which yours truly now writes due to Lois’ busy schedule.  Originally, she thought it would be a nice idea if residents knew each other, and how right she was!

Editors  note: Click here to view a story about Ms. McCall in the Houston Chronicle. Lois has also written about the Top 10 Reasons Residents Chose Treemont

We all have a story to tell, including Lois, who was born in Dallas, TX and raised by a single mom, who was a woman of strong faith.  Lois describes her as “big as a minute, strong as an ox and stubborn as an army mule.”  She was so certain that Lois should go to Baylor

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Flexibility is the Watch Word at Treemont

Posted by Lisa Witt on May 18, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Flexibility is the Watch Word at Treemont Senior Living 

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) such as Treemont offer a full and flexible approach to senior living. That means independent seniors who move to Treemont can have peace of mind, knowing that extra care options are available when needed.  Treemont provides the initial flexibility of allowing residents to move in to independent living, assisted living or skilled nursing.  Treemont then makes it easy for residents to transition to a different level of care as their needs may change.  Interestingly, Treemont has as many residents who’s care need decrease and are able to move from nursing to independent living, as the other way around.

For residents who move in fit but have an unexpected fall or stroke, they have a variety of extra care options available to help get them back to independence. This includes the ability to do rehab therapy in Treemont’s Health Care Center. Upon return to their independent living apartment, the senior can get additional help with showers or other services when desired.

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