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My Reflections on 14 Years at Treemont

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 19, 2021 5:47:49 PM

My Reflections on 14 Years at Treemont, a Senior Living Houston Community
By Nancy Aldredge  Treemont Resident

I moved to Treemont 14 years ago, when I was 80 years old. I’m now 94 and I have to say this was one of the best decisions of my life. I started my journey by talking with Resident Counselor Ann Lawler. I was fortunate to have had the financial wherewithal to be able to pick wherever I wanted to live. I chose Treemont over a nearby CCRC that had a six figure buy-in because that community was “beautiful” but Treemont felt like “home.”

I’m a long-time bridge player and I have made some fabulous new friends playing bridge. We play bridge in the library in the afternoons and sometimes after dinner until 10pm once we get going. My friendship with other bridge players has been heartwarming. I feel like having contemporary friends is important!

I also enjoy going to the dining room 3 times most days and having family dining style meals with friends. I enjoy the people and camaraderie of my neighbors

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Healthy Tips for Seniors: Fall Safety for Seniors

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 16, 2021 2:20:00 PM

Healthy Tips for Seniors: Fall Safety for Senior Citizens

 Falls are a very common occurrence among the senior citizen community. According to the CDC, more than one out of four older people fall each year and just one fall doubles the chances of falling again. The majority of falls occur in the home setting, making any senior citizen susceptible to a fall. More than 3 million citizens are treated for fall injuries a year. Although many of the falls that occur do not result in serious injuries, statistics, show 1 out of 5 falls cause a serious injury. The following injuries can result from a fall:

  1. Broken bones such as wrist, arm, ankle, and hip fractures
  2. Head injuries
  3. Reduce the level of activity due to fear of a recurrent fall
  4. Can affect a person’s ability to live on their own
  5. New medications may be prescribed (such as blood thinners)
  6. Death 

Even though falls are common, there are a wide range of reasons that can increase the chances of a fall.

  1. Lower body weakness
  2. Vitamin D deficiency
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Senior Living Houston: Spotlight on Food Service's Aurora Sandoval

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 13, 2021 1:02:25 PM

Senior Living Houston: Dining Room's Aurora Reyna Sandoval

A key reason seniors choose retirement living is a desire to have the option of three meals a day, seven days a week. This helps residents to stay healthy and also creates casual social opportunities as part of residents’ daily living experience. Since most Treemont residents dine three times daily at our community, it is extra important that our Dining Staff make dining a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Naturally, food preparation is important. But a key ingredient to a wonderful dining atmosphere is also the attitude of staff. Dining Service Manager Chef James Renshaw works to hire capable team members that are in tune with customer service. Recently, Aurora Reyna Sandoval was hired as a server. It soon became apparent that Aurora had the personality and patience to take on the role of answering the Dining Room phone.

Resident experiences are the best testimonial. As Resident Ann Oyen says, “You are the crème of the crop. Thank you for being so patient with me!” During the COVID19 pandemic, Aurora took on the key role of responding to resident dining orders, a

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Pros and Cons of Senior Living in Houston

Posted by Lisa Witt on May 15, 2021 8:45:00 AM

Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Senior Living Options
Security & Peace of Mind

The rise of violence against older Americans makes this population particularly vulnerable. Age and deteriorating health can compromise older adults’ ability to protect themselves from danger, making them prime targets for scams, burglaries and physical assault. Senior living communities tend to offer more security against these threats. In fact, many are equipped with locked doors, security guards, gates and/or security systems. 

Increased security can be very beneficial to older adults who may not live in the safest neighborhoods or near family that can check on them regularly. Thankfully, in addition to the security measures mentioned above, living in a senior living community typically means that older adults will be in close proximity to neighbors and staff who can look out for them. Other benefits that provide peace of mind include the availability of extra care options, inside corridors, safety checks and an emergency call system. Senior living resident Maggie talks about why she feels safe in a retirement community.


When you retire, lose a mate or have little in common with your youthful neighbors, life can get lonely. Avoiding loneliness and isolation is especially

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Easy Hobbies to Pick Up in Independent Living for Houston Seniors

Posted by Lisa Witt on May 13, 2021 1:46:04 PM

Easy Hobbies to Pick Up in Independent Living for Houston Seniors
By Cassie Garcia. Cassie has lived more life than she cares to admit (don't dare ask her age). She's been a cattle rancher, a scuba instructor, and a botanical garden curator. Now, she spends her time writing, gardening, and chasing after her three grandchildren.  Photo Credits: Source  Source      Source

They're called the 'golden years' for  reason. We can now do all those things we never had time for in the past. Retirement has its rewards....whether you finally pick up that crochet needle, build a birdhouse, or just want to develop new hobbies.

Independent living for seniors in Houston has so many options and activities that stimulate the mind and keep hands busy. It's never too late to learn something new. Here are a few easy hobbies to put on your to-do list.


Simple modes of physical activity for adults prevent some of the health problems that crop up as we age. It also helps our muscles stay strong for those day-to-day tasks. You’ll sleep better after enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Gardening - Outdoor gardening in raised beds or containers improves motor skills while enhancing the five senses. Plant

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Spotlight on Houston Nursing Home Receptionist Deante' Sigears

Posted by Lisa Witt on Apr 25, 2021 6:48:22 PM

Spotlight on Houston Assisted Living Receptionist Deante' Sigears

Residents and families can feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes time to seek information about transitioning to an assisted living and nursing center, or doing short-term rehab. That’s why it’s key to have a warm and enthusiastic person such as Receptionist Deante’ Sigears at the Front Desk, to greet and be the first point of contact.

As Receptionist, Deante greets and checks in visitors, manages family essential care visits, answers phones, keeps our reception area clean and organized, distributes mail, maintains files, orders office supplies, among many tasks for Administrator Cynthia Lamison. “Deante’ is an amazing person. She is extremely organized and able to provide support to both families and visitors. She has the right temperament to successfully manage a busy front desk. She’s a keeper!” says Cynthia.

Like many others, Deante’ moved to Houston from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Deante’ says, My Mother raised three girls, including me. Since I was the eldest, the taught me responsibility at a young age, so I guess you could say I was her little helper. Looking back, I am happy she did, as it helped to make me into the person I am today, and I thank her so much.”

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The 5 Cs of Choosing a Senior Living Houston Community

Posted by Lisa Witt on Apr 8, 2021 7:00:00 AM

The 5 Cs of Choosing the Right Senior Living Option in Houston
By Hal Salazar at ( Elders.Today was created to lend a helping hand to seniors. These resources were carefully curated by site creator Hal Salazar. Hal is newly retired and as he embarked on planning and preparing for his golden years he realized there was a lot of information to keep up with so he started gathering it all here to help out his fellow seniors

For many seniors and senior family caregivers, there comes a time when finding an alternative senior living option or assisted living community becomes imperative. Whether it’s to provide help with basic everyday activities or simply to provide more connection, making sure that you find the right new home is crucial for that senior’s health, happiness and quality of life.

It’s why Treemont Retirement Community wants you to understand the five “C’s” that every senior and/or family should consider when weighing the options for senior care and living.


 Understanding costs and having a plan to cover them is a crucial factor when you’re searching for the right senior living option. One way that seniors and caregivers can offset assisted living expenses is to sell the senior’s current home. If you currently own a home, you can look up local home prices and information about the market, to see if this is a viable option for your family.

Average expenses and options for paying for senior care and

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Senior Living Houston: Spotlight on Business Manager Star Flores

Posted by Lisa Witt on Feb 2, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Senior Living Houston: Business Manager Star Flores

A smooth operating business office, balancing “the books,” listening to residents and employees and helping both start off on the right foot are key parts of a business office manager. Barbara McNeal will be joining her husband in retirement at the end of February. Until then, she will be training a new employee to receive the hand-off of a very busy business office. Thus, we are now welcoming Business Office Manager Star Flores to our Treemont family.

Star says, “Working in the retirement industry has been so rewarding. I appreciate my resident’s life stories and wisdom. The fun and knowledge working with this population is unmatched” In her new role, Star will take over resident billing, community finances and human resources.

Treemont Management believes that a top-quality Business Office Manager is important in our day to day operations for both residents and employees and having an “open door” policy is key. Executive Director, Rodney Brooks said of Star, “We are excited to have such a bright Star

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Treemont Says "Bring on the New Year!"

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jan 31, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Treemont says "Bring on the New Year!" 

Aren’t we all ready for 2021?! Treemont Retirement Community and Health Care Center, like many senior communities, were all jolted into new territory last March when the Covid-19 virus raged through Houston and upended our normal routines. Executive Director Rodney Brooks and Administrator Cynthia Lamison acted swiftly to modify our dining procedures and social distance our activities. Our HCC Activity Director Jeanette Mitchell, a licensed beautician, started giving haircuts to residents so they didn’t look like 1960’s hippies! Life changed, but the care and love for our residents remained steadfast.

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Spotlight on PAS Coordinator Cindy Harrell

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jan 30, 2021 1:21:00 PM

Spotlight on Personal Assistance Services Coordinator Cindy Harrell

Residents move to a senior independent living community with the desire to stay independent as long as possible. Thus, Treemont introduced the concept of “Independence Plus on our campus. Seniors who need help with activities of daily living can receive home health services in their apartment instead of moving to a licensed assisted living facility. Senior Allegiance is the “Plus” in Independence Plus.

  • Personal Assistance Service (PAS) Coordinator Cindy Harrell is the key Senior Allegiance manager to contact if you have such questions as:
  • Activities of Daily Living Support. A little support can keep seniors independent. This might be an occasional shower or getting dressed. Senior Allegiance’s (SA’s) Medication Management Program can keep seniors healthy and out of the hospital by timely taking their blood pressure, diabetes, or Parkinson’s medications.
  • Medicare Home Health Nursing/Therapy Program. Under supervision of a doctor, SA provides Medicare paid services including: Therapy; Wound Care; Psychiatric/Other Nursing Care.
  • War-Time Veteran Benefit of $1,936? Call Cindy to see if you qualify to use VA Aide & Attendance benefit for rent at Treemont.
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