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Spotlight on PAS Coordinator Cindy Harrell

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jan 30, 2021 1:21:00 PM

Spotlight on Personal Assistance Services Coordinator Cindy Harrell

Residents move to a senior independent living community with the desire to stay independent as long as possible. Thus, Treemont introduced the concept of “Independence Plus on our campus. Seniors who need help with activities of daily living can receive home health services in their apartment instead of moving to a licensed assisted living facility. Senior Allegiance is the “Plus” in Independencecindy_new_cropped3 Plus.

  • Personal Assistance Service (PAS) Coordinator Cindy Harrell is the key Senior Allegiance manager to contact if you have such questions as:
  • Activities of Daily Living Support. A little support can keep seniors independent. This might be an occasional shower or getting dressed. Senior Allegiance’s (SA’s) Medication Management Program can keep seniors healthy and out of the hospital by timely taking their blood pressure, diabetes, or Parkinson’s medications.
  • Medicare Home Health Nursing/Therapy Program. Under supervision of a doctor, SA provides Medicare paid services including: Therapy; Wound Care; Psychiatric/Other Nursing Care.
  • War-Time Veteran Benefit of $1,936? Call Cindy to see if you qualify to use VA Aide & Attendance benefit for rent at Treemont.
  • Need a Doctor? If you need a new doctor, Cindy can schedule you to see Dr. Ahmed or Dr. Zaharia in the privacy of your home.
  • Have an Emergency? Senior Allegiance Home Care is Treemont’s “Preferred Provider” and is called by the Treemont Front Desk in emergencies. We encourage you to have a free “Just in Case Agreement” so Senior Allegiance can assist you in an emergency.
  • Covid19 Testing. Senior Allegiance (Administrator Karina Walker) has been the “go to” place for Covid testing and other information for Treemont residents during the pandemic.

Cindy joined Senior Allegiance 8 years ago after following one of her work colleagues from Walgreens Pharmacy staff. Cindy says, “I really enjoy working with the seniors. They are a lot of fun. Many of them really know how to party. I have become the daughter some residents don’t have and I love to see the glow and smile on their faces when I enter the room. Some share things with me that just keep me smiling all day long. I love being able to provide and take care of the seniors.”

Cindy worked for 23 years at Walgreens, rising from a cashier to pharmacy cashier, to Senior Pharmacy Technician before retiring in 2015. A native Houstonian, Cindy graduated from Jack Yates Senior High in 1989. She has been married twice, with the first marriage bringing a handsome son Trevilun, age 28, who gave her a beautiful 7 year old grandson. She reconnected with middle/high school friend Harold Robinson in 2010 and married in 2015. They enjoy traveling, deer hunting, camp outdoors, and going to the Country and Zydeco. Both have family in Louisiana. She dreams of moving to San Diego with her brother is retired military for 30 years.

The goal of Senior Allegiance is to help Treemont residents stay Independent, Healthy and Happy with a little extra support. To schedule a free consultation, call (713) 975-1519 or email Questions about Senior Allegiance services? Call Cindy Harrell, PAS Coordinator at the main Senior Allegiance number at (713) 975-1519. The goal of this home health agency is to help Treemont assisted living Houston residents stay Independent, Healthy and Happy with a little extra support. Click to learn about Independence Plus which is supportive care in one's independent apartment. This is an alternative to traditional assisted living, and can often be provided at a lower cost. For questions on Senior Allegiance Home Care services, contact Cindy Harrell via (713) 975-1519 or

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