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Spotlight on Medicare Home Health Nurse Meredith Roubion

Posted by Lisa Witt on Nov 6, 2019 6:30:49 PM

Medicare Therapy Supports Houston Independent Living Residents

A key reason Senior Allegiance is on campus, is to provide an extra helping hand of support to Treemont residents so they can remain independent in their apartments. You might recognize Nurse Meredith Roubion, RN, BSN as she is a steady presence on the Treemont Campus. For our residents on Medicare Home Health, Meredith assesses their physical therapy regimen, identifies health problems andM.roubion_medicare assisted living nurse concerns, communicates with their physicians and interdisciplinary teams, initiates and continues their Plan of Correction and does patient education.

Meredith has been a nurse for 7 years, first at Senior Allegiance and then at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. “I had such a great experience at Senior Allegiance, I wanted to come back,” Meredith says. “Working with seniors is very rewarding. It brings me joy to make a difference in both the health care and personal life of the seniors I care for. I also love to learn from my senior patients!”

Are you aware that Medicare covers the cost of many of the services that allow you to remain active, especially if you have been hospitalized in the past year?  Senior Allegiance will work with your doctor to identify service needs that can be provided under the Medicare program, such as physical, occupational or speech therapy and nursing care. Senior Allegiance also offers psychiatric nurse care.

Once qualified for services, Meredith is one of the nurses who will visit you in your apartment to provide nursing services. To see if you qualify for Medicare home health, please call Senior Allegiance team members Administrator Karina Walker or Cindy Harrell at (713) 975-1519 to arrange a visit, assess your needs, and get a doctor’s order implemented to get started.

Born and raised in Anahuac, Texas, Meredith is close to her two younger sisters. She has a B.S. in Nursing (BSN) and is studying for a masters as a nurse practioner. She loves to go to school and learn as much as she can. While Meredith does not know exactly what she wants to do upon completing her degree, she knows working with the geriatric population is her calling. Meredith loves to do wound care and is eager when a patient has a wound so she can be part of the healing process! This is an area of nursing many nurses do not like. In her free time, Meredith loves lifting weights at the gym

Administrator Karina Walker says of Meredith, Meredith is very compassionate and loves what she does. She loves not only being a part of the rehabilitation of many of our patients, but she also loves to hear the stories that patients share. Meredith understands not only the importance of taking care of a patient physically, but knows the value that comes with interacting with patients on a more personal level.  Meredith is always up for a challenge and is ready to learn anything that will help her become a better nurse for her patients.”

Please say hello to Meredith as you see her visiting resident’s apartments to check in on their health situation.The goal of this home health agency is to help Treemont assisted living Houston residents stay Independent, Healthy and Happy with a little extra support. Click to learn about Independence Plus which is supportive care in one's independent apartment. This is an alternative to traditional assisted living, and can often be provided at a lower cost. For questions on Senior Allegiance Home Care services, contact Cindy via (713) 975-1519 or

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