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Senior Living Houston: Spotlight on Maintenance Worker Cezar Garcia

Posted by Lisa Witt on Oct 9, 2020 11:43:21 AM

Senior Living Houston: Maintenance Worker Cezar Garcia

A key reason seniors choose retirement living is a desire to no longer have to worry about maintenance and upkeep of their home. Treemont is known for the care and attention to resident’s maintenance needs. We areCezar Garcia maintenance senior living houston delighted to welcome Cezar Garcia to our Treemont Maintenance Department. He is the newest member of the maintenance team. Cezar’s duties include responding to work orders to fix resident apartment issues involving: plumbing, air conditioning, garbage disposal or TV issues. Sometimes he receives a request to hang a resident’s picture.

Treemont residents have this to say about moving to a senior living community such as Treemont.

  • No more upkeep of a large home!
  • No more chores or housekeeping!
  • No more maintenance!

Cesar is a native Houstonian who graduated from high school in Missouri City. Cezar has previous experience working in a retirement community in Sugar Land, and wanted to continue to work with seniors at Treemont. “When I help the elderly, I learn more about life,” says Cezar. ““I love helping others with daily tasks. I love helping seniors and listening to their daily adventures. I enjoy the great advice from our senior residents.”

Executive Director Rodney Brooks says, “Cezar is very hardworking and pleasant to everyone he comes in contact with.  He moves through the building with purpose and will always stop to help someone in need.”

We are delighted to have Cezar Garcia as a dedicated member of the Treemont team to make life at Treemont more carefree for our residents. When you see Cezar in the common areas, I hope you will stop to welcome him to our Treemont family. Questions on maintenance? Leave a ticket at the front desk with Janie.

Resident $1,000 Referral Program. The best source of referrals is from satisfied Treemont residents. If you have a friend or family member to refer, please contact Lupe or Linda or Keri in the Front Office at 713-783-6820. Treemont offers a $1,000 discount off the referring resident’s rent, after the new resident has resided at Treemont for 3 months. 

To learn more, read Assisted Living Options Explored. Or to join us for a free lunch and tour, call Lupe or Linda at (713) 783-6820. This Houston retirement home is part of a CCRC campus. A CCRC or Continuing Care Retirement Community typical includes a continuum of care for their residents, that includes nursing homes in Houston (skilled nursing and rehab), traditional assisted living) and independent living care. To learn more about this nursing home Houston care, please call Kelli Walleck LeLacheur at 713-783-4100 or 713.816.2033.

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