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Senior Living Houston: Residents Find Happiness

Posted by Lisa Witt on Dec 12, 2017 11:56:00 AM

Senior Living Houston: Residents Find Happiness   
by Libby Davis, Treemont Resident 

Treemont resident Libby Davis wrote this poem for Treemont resident Carolyn and Frank Ragusa as a present for their first anniversary of marriage. The Ragusas met at Treemont, had a brief courtship and got married a year ago. Carolyn wanted Libby to share it with current and prospective residents, as it's all about Treemont, and paints a great picture of this as a wonderful place to maybe meet the next "special" person in life. It's called being "young at heart."


“Memoirs of a Flower Girl”...

“First Anniversary”

September 17, 2017


Proverbs 16:1 “Mortals make elaborate plans but God has the final word.” 


At Treemont they met,Carolyn & Frank_senior_living_houston_residents_find_happiness.jpg

In our own dining room,

Who ever would have guessed

They’d become bride and groom?


Not looking for love at this time in their life,

Carolyn laughed when I said, “Husband”?

Frank’s busy dancing, not shopping for a wife!


Yet, at a table full of “hens,”

Myra placed our smiling Frank,

He did NOT squawk, NOT once did he squawk,

BUT, OH, did he talk, and talk, and talk, and talk!


He made Carolyn laugh with his charming Aggie ways,

She went to his dances, and bingo she did play,

Carolyn was changing, always wearing a schoolgirl grin,

Frank was determined her love he would win! 


Then came the big announcement

“Could I meet them in the lobby?”

After dinner of course!

I know what was coming probably.


Frank said with a glow that filled his face,

That only God in His mercy and grace,

Could have brought them together in such a way,

And that they would be married on Saturday!


The day of the wedding was quite an affair,

Smiling Frank was to be found nowhere!

Then a scary thought popped into Carolyn’s head,

Was her groom just sleeping or could he be dead?


Meanwhile, the “flower girl was trying to get pretty,

When a crease in my blouse I did see,

With an iron too hot, I hit the spot,

And the sleeve disappeared suddenly.



With great zeal I grabbed another frock, and into it my body I did pour.


“Calm down, Carolyn, the iron got a little steamy!

We’ll go find Frank, and the wedding will be dreamy!” 


As Carolyn and I flew down the hall,

With her old jitterbug the office she did call,

It was Ray to the rescue with Treemont keys in hand,

Found our groom just a snoozing,

And in Frank’s good ear cried out, “GET UP, MAN!”


Frank bolted out of bed just in time to meet,

The cousins who had traveled from Beaumont to greet,

 All the relatives and friends and the good judge, too,

Who would make this a legal marriage for these two!


With vows softly spoken and tears on her face,

The bride turned to her attendants with poise and grace,

And then she was taken with great surprise,

By the tears of joy that filled our eyes.

(The Judge saved the day with his hankie, no lie!)


The flowers were lovely as they were moved to Carrabba’s,

As the guests of the wedding dined on lasagna,

And drank sparkling wine making toasts to the couple,

And ate wedding cake until their stomachs were double!!


The couple returned to Treemont as planned,

Where life in “F” building was supposed to be grand,

NO matter the age, if you seek God’s plan, 

That first year of marriage tests a love that will stand.


So glad you made it...


Thank you, bridesmaid Libby, for sharing this poem in honor of Carolyn and Frank! Treemont is a close-knit community and it is nice that residents share each other's joyful celebrations. That's what makes our residents quickly adapt to senior living and feel like this assisted living Houston community is home! 

There are so many benefits of residing at a Houston independent living community. A key one is socialization. Come check out your options and hopefully Treemont will be one that will resonate. Residents discuss topics from the food, the maintenance-free living, the socialization with new friends, and being pampered by the staff. Read about how retirement home staff can lead to resident satisfaction. Some residents talk about the benefit of having an outstanding staff who cater to their every need.

Active senior living communities like Treemont have robust activities for seniors that lead to resident satisfaction. Discover how valuable the socialization with one’s peers and activities for seniors contribute to resident happiness and fulfillment.Active seniors desire such programming!

Find out if musical performances are woven into the activities program of the community you are considering.

Choosing a retirement community is an important decision. There is no substitute for a visit to the community you are considering. Think of your college days. You likely visited a few schools and kicked a few tires before you made a final decision.It is highly recommended that you visit a few communities as part of your decision-making process and speak with residents about their experiences.

To learn more about Treemont Retirement Community, call Lupe or Linda at 713-783-6820 or click Come for lunch and a tour as that is the best way to meet residents, visit the community and find out if this community fits your lifestyle! This senior living community is located at 2501 Westheimer @ Westheimer, not far from the Galleria in the Memorial/West Chase neighborhoods.

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