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Pros and Cons of Senior Living in Houston

Posted by Lisa Witt on May 15, 2021 8:45:00 AM

Evaluating the Pros and Cons of Senior Living Options
Security & Peace of Mind

The rise of violence against older Americans makes this population particularly vulnerable. Age and deteriorating health can compromise older adults’ ability to protect themselves from danger, making them prime targets for scams, burglaries and physical assault. Senior living communities tend to offer more security against these threats. In fact, many are equipped with locked doors, security guards, gates and/orray-s-KlL8-f4e_rs-unsplash-senior-living-houston security systems. 

Increased security can be very beneficial to older adults who may not live in the safest neighborhoods or near family that can check on them regularly. Thankfully, in addition to the security measures mentioned above, living in a senior living community typically means that older adults will be in close proximity to neighbors and staff who can look out for them. Other benefits that provide peace of mind include the availability of extra care options, inside corridors, safety checks and an emergency call system. Senior living resident Maggie talks about why she feels safe in a retirement community.


When you retire, lose a mate or have little in common with your youthful neighbors, life can get lonely. Avoiding loneliness and isolation is especially important for older adults, as these feelings can be more serious for senior citizens than one may think. 


Residing in a senior living community can help prevent such loneliness and isolation. Not only do senior living communities allow older adults to closely engage with people who are around the same age, but such communities also often facilitate activities that will allow residents to cultivate strong friendships

Equipped for your physical needs

It’s no secret that as we age, our bodies and physical needs change. For instance, decreased mobility may impact the way you need your home to be arranged. If you choose to remain at home rather than moving into a senior living community, aging in place might require renovations that can be costly and difficult depending on the age of your home. Senior living communities, on the other hand, are built with your needs in mind. In fact, independent living residents can choose the floor plan that best suits their needs


Leaving memories behind

While there are few downsides to senior living, it’s important to know about those that exist. One of the disadvantages is that moving into a senior living community requires one to part ways with the past. For instance, many senior citizens may have lived in their homes for several years, even raising children there. It may be difficult to leave behind what you know for something completely new. However, this doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. Make your new community feel like home by bringing along memorabilia to help keep those memories alive.


Depending on your financial circumstances, one of the biggest challenges to senior living can be cost. Compare the Value: Senior Living vs Staying Home. It’s not uncommon to question whether it’s doable or even worth it. For instance, if your home is already paid off or your mortgage/rent is less than what a senior living facility costs, you may be hesitant to consider moving. Of course, the cost varies depending on the type of senior living you opt for. However, the expense doesn’t have to be a deterrent. Financing options include having each family member chip in applying for a loan, relying on savings or using life insurance. 

Decreased living space

Limited space can be another disadvantage of senior living. With the exception of some independent living quarters, your new living space will likely be smaller than your home or apartment. So making the transition will require you to downsize. Though paring down can be difficult, you can look at this change as an opportunity to live more intentionally. Make it an enjoyable process by inviting close family and friends to help you. Not only will this allow you to spend time with those you love, but you will also have trusted people to advise you on what to keep and what to let go. 


Deciding between aging in place or a senior living community is not an easy decision, but by keeping the above pros and cons in mind, the best decision for all involved can be made.

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