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Assisted Living Houston, TX Communities Can be Pet Friendly

Posted by Lisa Witt on Nov 1, 2014 10:32:00 AM

Seniors Can Find Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Communities in Houston, TX

Studies have shown pets and therapy animals can help increase the quality of life of seniors and those with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.  Moreover, pets are the treasured companions of many seniors.  When searching for an assisted living community, it is important to check if the senior living community permits pets.  Many seniors assisted_living_resident_houston_tx_with_her_petare relieved to find they can bring their beloved family pet with them to their new retirement home in Houston, TX.  If you have a pet, It is important to ask if this is a pet friendly assisted living facility.

There are a variety of questions to ask on the pet policy of a  retirement home Houston, TX.a_senior_and_her_dog_in_assisted_living_houston_tx

1.  What is the maximum pet weight at the senior living community?  For many communities pets may not exceed 20 pounds.  Typically the weight restriction is for the protection of fellow residents.

pet_in_assisted_living_houston_tx2.  Is there a pet deposit as the independent living community?  Is this a one-time upfront fee that covers future anticipated cost of wear and tear on the aparatment?  Is there a monthly fee?  Best to know in advance.

3.  Is there a place where I can comfortably walk my dog at this retirement home?  Are there courtyards or walking paths where I can take my dog?

4.  Are there others in the community that have pets?  Interacting with fellow pet owners can be a good source of socialization for residents.  It is nice to know if you will have this support network.  


Many residents at Treemont Retirement Community have pets. They enjoy the socialization with their senior living neighbors. There are many benefits to a pet's presence at an independent living community.  To read a story in the Houston Chronicle about the benefits of pets in assisted living, click here.

In Treemont's Health Care Center, Administrator Sherion Schroeder has a show dog that is also a comfort and blessing to residents.  Residents adore little Sophie.

Sophie_the_show_and_therapy_dog_in_assisted_living_houston_tx To view more photos of pets at Treemont, please click here.

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