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Assisted Living Houston: Spotlight on Manager Antoinette Wiggins

Posted by Lisa Witt on Nov 4, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Spotlight on Houston Assisted Living Manager Antoinette Wiggins

Treemont is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) which means our residents move into Independent Living, but have the option of additional care options on campus. This might be Personal Assistance or Medicare Home Health through Senior AllegianceAntoinette Wiggins_rev Home Care. Alternatively, residents might have the need for a short or long-term stay in Treemont’s Health Care Center for Assisted Living or Nursing Care. Meet Assisted Living Manager Antoinette Wiggins who oversees Treemont’s Assisted Living Community. Under the leadership of Administrator Cynthia Lamison, Treemont has seen a growth in independent living residents transitioning to assisted living care.

In this role, Antoinette is responsible for the care of all residents in Assisted Living

  • providing customer care to everyone
  • ensuring all staff is trained according to Treemont guidelines and regulations
  • providing medical care as needed
  • communicating with her resident’s doctors and nurse practitioners on a weekly basis.

Originally, from Fresno, CA, Antoinette was drawn to Houston due the city’s diversity and for a position in the medical industry. Antoinette is the oldest of four children, with 2 sisters and a brother, and is a mother to two boys. She has been in the medical field since High School, starting out as a CNA for 5 years before earning her LVN license. Antoinette’s near-term goal is to pursue an RN license. Previously Antoinette worked as a case manager for mentally disabled young adults. 

“I truly wanted to try something new, stepping outside the box, of just bedside nursing, no matter how old you are you never stop learning or needing to challenge yourself.” says Antoinette. “Working with seniors gives me a different outlook on life, the rewarding thing is the chance to make a difference in their lives every day. With the services we provide from our hearts.”

Under the leadership of Administrator Cynthia Lamison, Treemont has seen a growth in independent living residents successfully transitioning to assisted living care. “We are delighted to have such a skilled and compassionate nurse as Antoinette Wiggins overseeing our assisted living community. Antoinette works well with our residents and their family members as she takes an individual approach to each senior’s care,” says Cynthia.

 Antoinette has a passion for working with seniors. “Every day is a favorite day with my residents, the gratitude and thankfulness I receive from my residents. Every day provides heartfelt interaction with their engaging stories.

 Treemont Nursing, Rehab and Assisted Living is a key part of Treemont’s continuum of care campus. The Nursing Team works closely with Executive Director Rodney Brooks on providing rehab to his independent living residents so they can return home. Treemont Treemont HCC is distinguished by: Treemont HCC is known for: (1) its outstanding therapy program; (2) its caring staff; and (3) its small, intimate environment. Antoinette is warm and engaging. Families and Residents, please feel free to reach out to Antoinette Wiggins at 713-783-4100 or 

You are also invited to tour the Health Care Center and/or attend an activity event. Don’t wait until you need the care or have a "cliff event." Be safe in a community, learn more now!  This nursing home in Houston is located on the Treemont Retirement Community campus that offers independent living, assisted living in Houston as options on its senior living in Houston campus.

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