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Nursing Homes in Houston Promotes Independence

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jul 21, 2015 6:30:00 AM

Nursing Homes in Houston Focuses on Keeping Residents Independent

Treemont Health Care is long regarded as one of the leading nursing homes in Houston.Recognized by our hospital and medical community for excellence in patient care, medical professionals continue toNursing homes in houston_Team Treemont IMG_1157.jpg refer their patients to Treemont.  Many satisfied former residents and families also choose to return to such an outstanding rehab nursing homes in Houston for additional medical services.

The facility provides a continuum of care from long term assisted living and nursing care to post-acute skilled care for those individuals returning from the hospital. The Nursing Program is distinguished by the 1. Nurses who are committed to Long Term Care, understanding the needs of the elderly, 2.  A Rehabilitation Program consisting of Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists and 3.  A Management Team that supports families with financials, social services, activities and dietary needs.

This Houston nursing home has a primary goal is to ensure that residents maintain an independent lifestyle.  The Interdisciplinary Team develops individualized resident treatment plans. The Rehabilitation Team contributes significantly to Treemont’s success with a high return to home ratio.  “The only way our residents will get better is if we make therapy fun and encourage residents to complete their daily regimen,“ says Jobert Macas, head of Treemont’s therapy group.  “Often our residents don’t realize that what they’re doing is actually therapy.  We use our creativity to make sure they complete their exercises so they can get better.”

For those with longer-term needs, Treemont’s Licensed Assisted Living is an excellent option. We recommend speaking with Assisted Living Manager Jennifer Case to discuss your loved one's care needs. The environment is quiet and intimate, providing medication management, assistance with activities of daily living, and a restaurant-like dining room environment.  Isn’t it comforting to know that you can be in good company, in good care, be independent and have a little helping hand when you need it?  This nursing homes in Houston promotes independence. Treemont focuses on wellness and keeping seniors as independent as possible. 

This Houston nursing home is distinguished by: (1) its therapy program; (2) its caring staff; and (3) its small, intimate environment. Administrator Sherion Schroeder states, “There is no facility that provides better care than Treemont.” If you or a loved one has a question on rehab nursing homes in Houston TX, please contact  Admissions Director Kelli Walleck at 713-783-4100 or at You are also invited to tour the Health Care Center and the therapy department. For a free Treemont . For a free Treemont Health Center brochure, click here. 

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