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Nursing Homes Houston: Spotlight on Admissions Director Marion Hattix

Posted by Lisa Witt on Sep 1, 2018 8:45:00 AM

Nursing Homes Houston: Spotlight on Admissions Director Marion Hattix

Residents often come to skilled nursing and rehab or assisted living following medical setbacks, like a complicated infection, a fall resulting in a fracture, or a stroke resulting in the need for retraining in daily living tasks. One benefit of residing at Treemont is that there is a Health CareMarion Hattix2_nursing homes in houston_c Center (HCC) on the campus, just off Building B, to help you navigate rehab after a hospital stay or just have a question about assisted living and long-term care. The person to contact is our new Health Care Admissions Director Marion Hattix! Marion is responsible for admitting patients to Treemont’s HCC. Marion is generally the first point of contact for Treemont residents and families who have questions about health care options. She works with a variety of referral sources, including discharge planners at local hospitals such as Memorial Hermann, who rely on her to assess residents before they are admitted.

Marion has worked 18 years as an LVN and 26 years in the medical field. Most recently Marion was the Director of Resident Care for one of Retirement Center Management’s assisted living communities. She is bringing her significant clinical skills to help families navigate the best care option for their loved one. As a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN), Marion is well positioned to more clearly convey information to prospective families and work with the Director of Nursing to evaluate one’s medical condition. Her goal is to acquire a Masters in Health Administration.

Why Treemont? “I heard about Treemont through our new Administrator Cynthia Lamison and how excited she was for the opportunity to work for the company and what it has to offer,” says Marion. “Cynthia was my Regional Director. I’ve always admired Cynthia’s clinical skills and focus on customer service and wanted to opportunity to continue to work with her mentor.”

Marion has always had a passion for working with seniors. “As an 18 year old CNA I took my job very seriously.  I had a patient at the time in her late nineties.  I still remember her name and can picture her very clearly.  I only worked with her a few times but there wasn’t anything I couldn’t get her to do and vice versa, as for others it wasn’t as easy for them.  She would look for me and I made sure I visited her regularly.  I often think of her,” says Marion.

Treemont Health Care Center is a key part of Treemont’s continuum of care campus. Marion works closely with Executive Director Rodney Brooks to support the health and rehabilitation of Treemont independent living (IL) residents. Treemont is proud of its successful Rehab Program. Through hard work and encouragement, the team successfully returns residents to their independent living apartment.

Treemont Health Care Center is distinguished by: (1) its therapy program; (2) its caring staff; and (3) its small, intimate environment. Cynthia is warm and approachable. Families and Residents, please feel free to reach out to Cynthia. She is happy to discuss any long-term care or short-term rehabilitation questions with you. Feel free to contact Marion Hattix at 713-783-4100 or You are also invited to tour the Health Care Center and/or attend an activity event. Don’t wait until you need the care. Learn more now!

This nursing home in Houston is located on the Treemont Retirement Community campus that offers independent living, assisted living in Houston as options on its senior living in Houston campus.

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