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Meet Your Assisted Living Houston Neighbor: Manuel Orapeza

Posted by Lisa Witt on Dec 16, 2019 2:30:00 PM

Meet Your Treemont Neighbor: Manuel Orapeza

by Jane Zimmerman, Treemont Resident

Is there a Doctor in the House?  Yes!

Newbie Resident, Dr. Manuel Oropeza, moved to Treemont March 19, 2019. When his daughter first mentioned Treemont, Manuel was not sure if he would like it, but now that he is here, he finds there are a variety of things to do; but most of all he likes the people!

Manuel was born in Venezuela; however, he was in the United States between 1979 and 1984, receiving his Masters in RadiologicalManuel Orepaza_senior living houston resident Sciences, and his Doctorate Fellowship in Nuclear Medicine from John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Manuel practiced medicine in Venezuela as the Director of the Institute of Nuclear Medicine at the University of Los Andes. He also was the Director of Nuclear Medicine in Paris, France in the Sorbonne.

Eight years ago, his wife succumbed to triple cancer. She left a wonderful family of three children, Manuel, Jr., and two daughters, Catherine and Erika.  His son, Manuel lives in Toronto, Canada; Catherine lives in Houston; and Erika lives in Barcelona, Spain.

His daughters loved dogs; the last one being a Shih Tzu, who was named “Prince.” They had seven (7) dogs, but Dr. Manuel finds cats to be the most fascinating animals, especially their eyes! Felines are also very intelligent animals, and they have been wonderful to study. People all over the world have cats as pets.

Manuel’s favorite hobbies are reading, and art! He loves philosophy, and his favorite is the German philosopher, Kant. He loves literature and poetry. He gets his books from our Library, and, he is also a member of our Creative Writing group. Manuel subscribes to “Scientific American” magazine, too!

Manuel loves fine art, especially, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and, Vincent Van Gogh. He has artist friends living here: Felix Meyer, Fred Jinkins, and Marie Lynn Hayes. “Painting is the best way to express yourself, and how you feel!”

At the age of seventy-seven years, Manuel can think clearly, sleeps very well, and reads Philosophy every evening! He is very happy, and content to be living at Treemont now.  Another Keeper!

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