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Meet Your Assisted Living Houston Neighbor: Mary Lynn Hayes

Posted by Lisa Witt on Feb 13, 2018 10:17:00 AM

Meet Your Assisted Living Houston Neighbor:  Mary Lynn Hayes

by Jane Zimmerman, Treemont Resident

If you have seen a lady at the Treemont, cheerfully smiling and dressed in colorful cat or crab attire, she is resident Marie Lynn Hayes. She has lived here with her two affectionate black-and-white cats, Lola and Chester, since June 2015.  Mary Lynn Hayes_assisted_living_houston_neighbor.jpg

Born in San Antonio, Marie Lynn Conner was the youngest of five.  Her father was an engineer, and her mother studied opera. Marie Lynn and brother Andre moved to Baltimore when she was twelve to be close to her father who had been transferred. Marie Lynn attended the Ursuline Academy in San Antonio, TX. and St. Mary's Villa, a private boarding school in Baltimore, Md.  She then graduated from Seton High School when she was eighteen.

In 1970 Marie Lynn was married in sunny Acapulco to Conan Doyle Hayes, an engineer for Stauffer Chemical.   He was named after the famed mystery writer, Arthur Conan Doyle.  Doyle worked for Stauffer Chemical thirty-seven years, retired, and has since passed away.  Marie Lynn did not have children, although two of Doyle's children are now deceased.

Marie Lynn attended Houston Community College, taking Creative Writing under the instruction of Joyce James, then graduated with an Associate of Arts Degree in Graphic Arts.  Her art instructor, Mabel Sellers of Sellers Bros. Grocery Store, is still alive at 92.  Marie Lynn has oil paintings and other works from her classes at Mabel's home.

Marie Lynn worked in drafting for Brown & Root for five years, studied court reporting at McMahon School of Court Reporting and is currently a member of the Houston Calligraphy Guild and has been since 1985.  Her brother, Charlie, worked for LBJ and her niece has worked for CNN.

However, her greatest dream was to be an opera singer, like her mother; but she did not have voice lessons.  Marie Lynn does subscribe to all the operas and theaters in Houston - HGO, Opera in the Heights, The Alley Theatre; and she enjoys all the cultural aesthetics of music, art, reading, and in general has a rich heritage of background and the desire to appreciate all artistic forms. 

Her advice to fellow residents is: enjoy everything Treemont has to offer – especially entertainment, dining, worship, crafts, color-me-calm, tai chi, and Bingo!  And if you think it is difficult to get up for breakfast here, think of young Marie Lynn at St. Mary's Villa, who donned a starched white school uniform at 5 a.m., and arranged table settings for 195+ (to the nun's specific instructions) at breakfast.

Congratulations on your retirement, Marie Lynn, and I so like the cat purse and pins, and colorful crab shirts!  They let people know how interesting and artistic you are!

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