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Meet Your Assisted Living Houston Neighbor: Libby Davis

Posted by Lisa Witt on Apr 29, 2018 9:30:00 AM

Meet Your Assisted Living Houston Neighbor:  Libby Davis

by Jane Zimmerman, Treemont Resident

We have in our midst an up and coming literary author, just beginning her exciting, busy and successful career with a new series of children's collection of books.  The first in the series, The Tale of Fredrica the Fox, was recently published by resident Libby Davis, whose advice to friends and fellow residents is "Follow your dreams always, no matter how old you are."  Those with hidden talents should take note because Libby'sLibby Davis assisted living houston resident book is not only carefully written, but brilliantly planned to lead a cause for preservation of the wilderness and the wildlife inhabiting it.  It may be simply written for a child to understand but has great bearing on a subject that most of us are not aware of or would think matters at all.  Only a kind and gentle spirit like Libby could see that there is a problem at hand, and work 100% to solve the preservation of the wild in such a loving manner.  What an enormous and glorious task to teach our children (and us) that all life is important!

The daughter of Helen and Ralph Powers, Libby is very familiar with  Treemont Retirement Community.  Her parents lived here 20 years ago, and Libby used to visit them every day and eat in the dining room twice per week. Her father was a retired aeronautical engineer who helped develop the engine for the B36 bomber and had top security clearance from the federal government for nuclear testing during the Cold War.

Libby received her B.A. in elementary education from Texas Tech and took Master's degree courses in counseling from Southwestern.  Although she was from Texas, she always favored Vail, CO, and opened a business with some friends called "Fancy Plants."  She designed Christmas wreaths for Pres. Gerald Ford and the business was extremely successful.  Being interested in art, Libby had a friend who knew a gallery owner, who advised her to get a studio and paint for a year on her own.  She then acquired an agent, had showings, sold her paintings and was successful.   Although she was the niece of two well acclaimed journalists, her writing career really began when she wrote Fredrica the Fox as a short story for her 2-year-old grandson Tyler Henry Hopkins (she wrote it in an hour!)  She has 3 beloved grandsons now and 2 children, Thomas and Elizabeth (Tyler's mother).

Libby is inspired to write and put to print an entire collection of Vail's Tail's and said her ideas are already thought through.  She plans to return to Vail and once again ask the students at Vail Christian Academy to create the illustrations; they did such a splendid job.

Libby keeps busy all the time with her new career as an author and does not have time for regular activities, but she can usually be spotted in the dining room and lobby area.  She has had a book signing and Valentine book sale here also.  If you would like to buy a copy of Fredrica, ask Libby when you see her or you can order one at

Wow! All this talent at Treemont senior living Houston community – a great place to live!

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