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Meet Your Assisted Living Houston Neighbor: Felix Meyer

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jan 27, 2018 4:03:45 PM

Meet Your Assisted Living Houston Neighbor:  Felix Meyer

by Jane Zimmerman, Treemont Resident

Greeting his neighbors with twinkling eyes and a friendly smile is resident Felix Meyer. A native Texan, Felix has lived at Treemont since January 2016; and is an active member in almost all the activitiesthis assisted living Houston community has to offer. From creative writing to jewelry making and cooking recipes from our cooking demos to appreciating the musicals and parties; Felix does it all. He says he enjoys the activities here, as well as his own private hobbies of studying and sketching.Felix_Meyer_assisted_living_Houston_resident.jpg


Felix was born in Houston in 1945, then moved to Galveston at the age of 13.  He later attended the University of Texas in Austin majoring in physics and math. He then transferred to the University of Houston. Remaining an undergraduate, he returned to Galveston and was employed at a sporting goods shop, a cotton brokerage firm and the US National Bank Galveston.


 After that, his employment at a geophysics lab that studied earthquakes and seismology on the moon sparked the interest for further studies and life's work now in his golden years.  He spends hours each day pouring over textbooks on quantum mechanics, statistics and tensor calculus. If a resident is interested in texts, Felix knows where he/she can purchase them for half price.  When called upon to write a paper for creative writing class, he can quote information he has read and studied with great ease.  Felix is fascinated with science fiction – and fact.  He has a creative sense as well as factual curiosity.


Perhaps that is why he was such an inventive and imaginative child.  When he was only ten years old, fearless Felix donned his Super Man costume (cape and all), and tried to fly through the air off a roof.  However, he was less fearless at the hospital when it came time to set his broken arm.  He took one look at the emergency room and tried to escape.  Felix says that his short-lived experience as Super Man is an experience he has never forgotten.


Could this have been a defining moment in young Felix' s life?  He still studies the effects of gravity, and has a fascination with science fiction.  His biggest dream is to be awarded an Honorary Ph.D. in Physics or the next Albert Einstein status. Until then, Felix is smilingly content and continually busy with his life here at the Treemont.


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