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Meet Your Assisted Living Houston Neighbor: Anne Cheney

Posted by Lisa Witt on Apr 1, 2017 10:05:45 AM

Meet Your Assisted Living Houston Neighbor: Anne Cheney
 by Lois McCall      

Early Life

Anne Cheney was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, and lived in Virginia and Maryland, graduating from the University of Maryland, where she was active in Pi Beta Phi. She has happy childhood memories of going to summer camp at Camp David before President Eisenhower acquired it as a presidential retreat. 

Anne Cheney_assisted_living_houston_resident.jpgShe set an early pattern of staying busy, and in junior high was assistant editor of the school newsletter, and was also student chair in charge of selling U.S. Savings Stamps. This led to her participation in a city-wide rally to sell U.S. War Bonds and Stamps. This high profile activity once had her sharing a stage in the town square with actress Claudette Colbert and most of the town’s dignitaries.

During World War II she was a Jr. Helper with the Red Cross Gray Ladies and also for the USO, where she helped serve refreshments. She moved to Houston in 1954, where she quickly got involved in local affairs, as we shall see.

What nickname fits?

At one time or another most people are dubbed with a nickname during their lifetimes. In the case of this multi-faceted dynamo, however, we are challenged to decide which is the best fit, so we’ll just suggest several and let you choose. 

Miss Congeniality:  A true extrovert, Anne seems to know every resident of Treemont. Moreover, as far as I can tell she likes them all. Watch her in the dining room. She starts out at her assigned place, but before you know it she is table-hopping, greeting different people, smiling, sipping coffee out of one of her several thermal mugs, and enjoying herself and everyone else tremendously. This drama is played out at breakfast, lunch and dinner, except when she’s out attending a concert or exploring our ever-changing environment. Every day is an adventure for this lover of life.

Madame Flutterby:

Nor is she confined to Treemont or Houston. Never one to sit around mourning what once was or might have been, she loves to travel and has taken full advantage of every opportunity for some serious globe-trotting. Here she is guest of Masai  natives in Kenya, and the picture with theassisted_living_houston_anne_cheney_africa.jpg Arab headdress was taken on a trip to Egypt a few years ago. It would be hard to name a country she has not visited. Many of her trips are for fun, but some are church-related as she has gone on some 22 mission trips with her church, St. Luke’s Methodist.

Teacher, Teacher

In earlier years when she was on the standard “Mommy track” of Bluebirds and carpools, you would probably not have guessed that she would one day be one of, if not the, premiere calligrapher in the Houston area, or that in years to come she would teach calligraphy in Moscow and St. Petersburg or in Tomsk, Siberia. This talented artist is actively involved in the Art League and pursues both vocational and professional interests in bookmaking and marble-izing as well as calligraphy. She also enjoys classes at Houston Community College.

You would not have guessed, probably, that she would teach the first water exercise classes in Houston, or that she would teach swimming, life-saving, CPR, or become a Red Cross WSI (Water Safety Instructor) or make tapes and books to help others seeking to work in these areas, or that she would be certified by the National Aquatic School to work with handicapped and /or exceptional persons.

The Good Fairy of F2

Anne is often seen with a bag of candy, brightening our days with a “little treat.” She also often carries a meal or a cup of ice cream or just a card or cheery greeting to someone who is under the weather and housebound. And at least once a week she volunteers at M. D. Anderson Hospital in one of her three main interests there: Pediatrics, the Breast Center, or the Lay Chaplaincy.

So there you have your neighbor, Anne Cheney. We need to choose the best choice of nicknames, but first let’s rest a little and have a cup of tea.  Just thinking about her schedule wears me out. But of course, these days it takes me longer to rest up than it did to get tired! 

If you enjoyed meeting your Houston assisted living neighbor, then click here to meet more residents of this dynamic independent living in Houston community. There is much documentation on the value of social interaction and friendships in keeping seniors happy and content. Active Activities Programs are key to resident happiness in senior living in Houston communities. Seniors want to live with interesting and engaging residents. At Treemont, from concert pianist Ann Wang, to Nelda Sims of the Sims Trio and also Wilma Carr and Lillian Lee, residents enjoy in-house entertainment, and meeting new neighbors with whom to engage and share their new community. Please make sure you ask about the residents and the activities for seniors programs when you tour senior living Houston TX communities. 

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