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Looking for Extra Income in Retirement?

Posted by Lisa Witt on Apr 17, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Looking for Extra Income in Retirement? Consider Working from Home
By Sharon Wagner -As a senior herself, Ms. Wagner understands that an older body and mind impacts the daily life of many seniors. However, her site, offers plenty of senior-friendly tips, tricks, and products to keep seniors active and engaged as they age.

Retirement can be an exciting, relaxing time…or it can be dreadfully boring. For many older adults, retirement leads to boredom and dissatisfaction. When most of your life is spent working, and then that work is taken away, it can be hard to find purpose and self-motivated productivity. Moreover, many seniors living on a fixed income miss the money they made from their old jobs.working in retirement assisted living houston

If this sounds like you, you might want to consider looking into a job you can do from home. Thanks to the technology boom, more and more companies are looking to employ remote workers. Some companies don’t even have an actual office, instead allowing their entire staff to work from the comfort of their homes.

This can be an excellent avenue for seniors since work-from-home jobs often offer flexible schedules, and, of course, an excellent commute. Here’s a look at a few tips that can help you figure out if this is a good option for you, as well as how to get started:

How to Find Work

There are several ways to find remote work opportunities. For example, there are many different job boards that allow you to filter results specific to work-from-home friendly postings. Moreover, there are remote-only job boards you can use to browse remote roles.

You can also find ways to make work find you. Freelancing is a great option for seniors who want to work remotely. Posting a resume on freelancing sites like Upwork gives you access to employees looking for freelancers. In addition to your resume, you can include some information about what kind of work you can do, and note whether you’re accepting new clients. There are tons of opportunities in freelance work across several fields, including marketing, writing, accounting, and customer service. Utilizing freelance boards can be incredibly lucrative.

If you do go the freelancing route, however, consider talking with an accountant to make sure your financial matters are in order. Freelancers are independent contractors, so they are responsible for their own taxes. Make sure you’re setting this money aside or paying it off quarterly, or you could get a nasty surprise come tax time.

How to Thrive in Your Home Office

If you’re used to working in a traditional office environment, the transition to working from home can be a bit of a challenge. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost, it’s different. When you’re used to the atmosphere of an office, your house won’t scratch that itch. Moreover, your brain may have trouble thinking of your home as a place for work. It may take some time to train your mind to get into productive mode at home.

However, there are several tricks you can use to ease this transition. For starters, you should set up a dedicated workspace. Ideally, this should be its own room with a door you can close. If you can’t manage that, you should at least try to avoid setting it up in your bedroom. Psychologically speaking, this will make it hard to work during the day and to fall asleep at night.

You should also make sure you get dressed to work, even though you’re at home. It may be tempting to work in your pajamas, but this sets you up for failure. The act of putting on professional clothing sends a “time to work” signal to your brain. This can boost productivity substantially.

Working from home is a great option for seniors, who can earn some extra cash while still enjoying their retirement. Freelance and part-time options allow you to work on your own schedule and empower you to stay productive at your own pace. Explore your options and see if this is the best next step for you!

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A number of Treemont seniors continue to work or find new passions in retirement. Some are entrepreneurial and write children's books, some residents take up painting, and some keep a hand in running their oil and gas companies and other companies. 

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