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Long-Tenured Treemont Staff are Key to Resident Happiness

Posted by Lisa Witt on Nov 8, 2020 7:35:11 PM

The Key to Resident Happiness? Long-Tenured Treemont Staff
When searching for a retirement community, a key Tip to ask is: “Does the Community have Long-Tenured, Caring Staff?”
Treemont Executive Director Rodney Brooks says, “The people make all the difference. Many members of Treemont’s team Betty W_ assisted living houston resident_IMG_6241_besthave worked here for decades because they truly believe in helping people and caring for seniors. Our staff sees this as more of a calling than a career.”

Retirement community residents become “family,” fostering new friendships and relationships as they transition to a mutually supportive lifestyle. Part of the glue that cements this feeling of fellowship and well-being is the staff at a senior living community. At Treemont about 40% of employees have worked there for 10 years or more. A number have worked here for more than 30 years.

This includes Treemont’s Maintenance Director Don Ibanez who is approaching a 40 year tenure. “I’ve seen multiple generations of families come through Treemont. It’s rewarding for us, as staff members, to see the adult children getting their parents settled at Treemont and then seeing these familiar faces continue to interact with the whole community for many years.” Cook BJ Brousseau and Dining Staff members Ann Hines, Doretha Allen and Maria Rodriguez have each made a 35 + year career of serving meals three times a day to Treemont residents. CNA Toni Barnum has worked in the Health Care Center for 30+ years.

Treemont has even started a tradition of serving multiple generations. Betty Walenta’s Mom Marie Gaskins (featured in photo) lived at Treemont about 20 years ago. “When it was time for me to find a new home, I knew my Mom was Betty Walenta_mom story_assisted living houston residenthappy here. Plus it was nice to return and recognize some of the staff. That was a key factor in my comfort of moving to Treemont.” Treemont also has a number of multi-generational families currently in residence, including Myrtis Gilmore, her sister Nina Gibson and daughter Margaret Sojka, who also works as a receptionist. “My sister found Treemont for my mom in in 2006, and I liked it so I decided it would be a great place for me to be. My son Tim is also happy we are all together at Treemont,” says Margaret.

Resident Counselor Linda Parra started working at Treemont as a care attendant in 2009, transitioned to Receptionist before moving to her current role of welcoming new residents. Long-tenured employees help residents achieve a pleasant lifestyle and a high level of satisfaction. Assisted living reviews indicate that staff is the key ingredient to making seniors feel a community is their new home.

To learn more about Treemont Independent Living, call Linda, Lupe or Keri at 713.783.6820 or visit To discuss nursing, rehabilitation and assisted living, call Kelli at 713-816-2033. Treemont is located in the Memorial / Westchase neighborhood at 2501 Westerland Blvd near Gessner. Walk-in tours welcome, including weekends. Walk-in tours welcome, including weekends.

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