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Sharing Positive Experiences in Nursing Homes in Houston

Posted by Lisa Witt on Feb 16, 2015 5:00:00 AM

Health Care can be a positive experience, and Treemont Health Care Center provides whatever level of care is needed from long-term assisted living to skilled nursing care to intensive, rehabilitative therapy.Joanne_assisted_living_houston_tx_resident/my-journey-from-rehab-to-independent-living-at-treemont-in-houston-tx Whether the need is occasioned by a broken hip, a heart attack, or simply increasing forgetfulness and need for assistance, Treemont can help families find the right level of care and can implement immediate service. Treemont Health Care Center is distinguished by: (1) its therapy program; (2) its caring staff; and (3) its small, intimate environment.
The primary goal of Treemont Health Care Center is getting people back to an independent lifestyle. Its dedicated team of therapists can create an individualized treatment plan to implement the activities of daily living, a plan that targets imbalances, weaknesses, postural deficits, safety awareness, swallowing problems and even cognitive impairments.  “The only way our residents will get better is if we make therapy fun and encourage residents to complete their daily regimen,“ says Jobert Macas, head of Treemont’s therapy group.  “Often our residents don’t realize that what they’re doing is actually therapy.  We use our creativity to make sure they complete their exercises so they can get better.”
Joanne Driscoll shares her experience: I came into Health Care seriously ill on a gurney. In weeks those marvelous physical therapists took me from bed to wheelchair to walker to cane. I am now happily enjoying Independent Living and walking without the cane.” Joanne had experience with a number of nursnig homes in Houston, so she speaks with authority.
Treemont’s beautiful, wooded 9-acre campus at 2501 Westerland at Westheimer (Westchase/ Memorial area) provides a continuum of care where your address doesn’t have to change as your needs do. To learn more about assisted living Houston TX and what is provided, click here. To learn about an alternative approach to assisted living, click Independence Plus.  Learn more about nursing homes in Houston TX, call Admissions Director Taylor Miner at 713-783-4100 or Learn about positive experences in nursing homes in Houston. Join the informative discussion and,listen to Taylor on KTRH radio with host Matt Patrick. 
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