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How Student Volunteers Help Assisted Living Houston Residents

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jul 25, 2017 11:58:00 AM

How Student Volunteers Help Assisted Living Residents
by Lois McCall, Treemont resident

Who would have thought that one of Treemont's best perks would be its student volunteer program?

Faced with a mountain of board meeting minutes and financial records that needed shredding, I signed up for help. I knew that it would be tedious to separate the papers from the covers and dividers and figured it would take at least a full day for me to do that, then put the papers through the shredder.assisted living houston student volunteers helping lois.jpg

Yesterday morning three fine, clean-cut young men appeared at my door reporting for duty. They introduced themselves as Arthur, Lee and Peter (Lee and Peter on on right in photo) and said "Mrs. McCall, we are here to help you. What do  you need?"With a minimum of instruction they set up a system with two of them preparing and one shredding, and in a little over an hour of concentration and cooperation the three of them disposed of what I know would have been at minimum a long, tiresome day's work for me.

These boys were polite and respectful, bright and capable, and friendly yet business-like in their approach. They are a credit to their homes, their Strake Jesuit school, and their generation. These are not the first student volunteers to be of real, tangible and significant help to me, nor the last, I hope. I just want to go on the record for all to know what a blessing they are to this senior citizen at Treemont.

Treemont Staff Notes: These Strake Jesuit volunteers have helped a number of Treemont residents includinig editing Al Chivers book, fixing computer glitches, teaching residents to use new cellphones, helping residents set up DVD players. Betsy Jennings was having banking issues and spent the whole morning on the phone with Chase Bank. These volunteers fixed the problem in a half-hour. See Betsy's email below.


The young men who came up to look at my computer were absolutely awesome.  It only took them about 30 minutes to fix the problem w/my PC,  I had been w/AT&T "specialists" for 3-1/2 hours, with them transferring me to at least six people and I was an absolute basket case by lunch and still could not access Chase Bank on line. 

                                                                                          They were just wonderful.  Thanks to both of you. Betsy Jennings


Other tasks include delivering packages for the Front Desk to residents, carrying trays in the dining rooms for residents that use walkers, picking up boxes and getting things high off of bookshelves. 

The benefit of moving to a senior living in Houston community is the opportunity to be pampered a bit. This includes meals, housekeeping, entertainment, socialization and comaderie with one’s peers. In one's Golden Years, it’s big benefit to have entertainment as an integral part of the week. See if your Houston retirement home provides top entertainment. This is another question to ask your leasing agent when you tour your next assisted living in Houston, TX community. Click to learn more about The Top Ten Reasons Seniors Should Get Settled Now in a Houston retirement communities.  To learn more about Treemont either volunteering or about life in a senior living community, contact either at 713-783-6820 or our two resident coordinators Lupeor Linda at the same  number.

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