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Jesuit Strake Volunteers Help Assisted Living Houston Residents

Posted by Lisa Witt on Aug 28, 2017 10:25:00 AM

Jesuit Strake Student Volunteers Help Assisted Living Houston Residents

The August Junior Volunteers were here the week of August 8th to 11th. The Junior Volunteers are entering Strake Jesuit Preparatory School as freshmen for the 2017/2018 term and have volunteered to help our residents for this week. jesuit stake volunteers at assisted living houston_web_IMG_1324.jpg

Pictured helping a new resident, Pattie McBride, settle into her new home and putting together organizational things are (Center - R) Drew, Dylan, David and Wyatt. New resident, Pattie McBride, was thrilled to have these handy young men assemble much needed organizational storage units.  There was a shelf to be put above her commode, an under-the-sink metal bin that slides out and another under-the-sink storage unit for the kitchen.   She was so proud and happy to have their assistance. Mrs. McBride was taking photos of Activity Aimee taking photos of them all — a precious moment.  Mrs. McBride hadn’t even spent a night here yet — she's still clearing her townhome and expected to spend her first night at Treemont last Saturday night.   She's delightful. 

Each year gets better and better. This is the BEST group of Volunteers we've had so far.  Activity Director Aimee Dubuisson said, “ Drew just came back (his Mom is here to pick him up) and hugged me and thanked me for the opportunity to work at Treemont. I told him they are the most outstanding group of kids we've EVER had.” They are indeed.

gardening angels volunteers assisted living houston_20170811_112735_web.jpgOther tasks include helping the Gardening Angels, organizing new books being donated by Mac McIlroy to the McIlroy Collection and the Football team helping in a variety of tasks for our independent living Houston residents

The benefit of moving to a senior living in Houston community is the opportunity to be pampered a bit. This includes meals, housekeeping, entertainment, socialization and comaderie with one’s peers. In one's Golden Years, it’s big benefit to have entertainment as an integral part of the week. See if your Houston retirement home provides top entertainment. This is another question to ask your leasing agent when you tour your next assisted living in Houston, TX community. Click to learn more about The Top Ten Reasons Seniors Should Get Settled Now in a Houston retirement communities.  To learn more about Treemont either volunteering or about life in a senior living community, contact either at 713-783-6820 or our two resident coordinators Lupeor Linda at the same  number.

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