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Antique Pickers Return to Treemont, a Houston Assisted Living Facility

Posted by Lisa Witt on Mar 13, 2015 3:03:05 PM



The Antique Pickers visit was such a hit at this Houston assisted living community in October 2014 that Treemont residents are busily treasure hunting in their own apartments as they await the return of the Antique_Pickers_Bazaar_visits_Assisted_Living_facilityAntique Pickers bazaar this Wednesday, March 18, 2015 from 10am to 3pm.

Read below for some anecdotes that explain why the Pickers are back.

  • One resident had an old pitcher that was part of a wash basin set. Since the "bowl" to the set had been broken, she attempted to sell the pitcher at a garage sale the week before the Antique Pickers Bazaar.   Someone discouraged her from  selling the pitcher for $2.00. She showed the pitcher to an Antique Pickers associate and he assessed the value at about $750/retail, but told her a dealer would probably offer her $350.   
  • The same resident had another pitcher and basin that was smaller and made by a different manufacturer that was valued at $350/retail. A piece of furniture (wash stand) that was made by her uncle before she was born (at least 93 years old) was valued at $750/retail. While the Antique Pickers were not in the Market for the furniture or the Wash Basin/Pitchers, they knew of a dealer who would buy everything she wanted to sell from her. He advised her of the price she could expect them to offer. He also asked if there were no children/grandchildren who may wish to have these items.   Our resident was pleased and felt confident the Antique Pickers had advised her well. 
  • Treemont Executive Director Rodney Brooks brought a Civil War musket to be assessed.  Due to it's condition, the value was assessed at $200.   He was advised by the Pickers that the old gun was a "Wall Hanger" and held more "emotional" value than market value.  This is a piece that will look best in a prominent location in a den or over a fireplace. If you weren't sure what "antiques" were worth, come have the professional Antique Pickers assess the value. Learn why Treemont residents are all abuzz about this activity, searching in their closets to find their special items that can be valued by the Antique Pickers.  Residents can then decide what to do when they discover the value of a long tucked away item.  Click here to article in the Houston Chronicle.

This is one of many assisted living activities that Treemont provides its residents. This event and others are opens to the public at large. JOIN US on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, frm 10am to 3pm at Treemont Retirement Community, 2501 Westerland Drive at Westheimer. Call 713-783-7820 for details. Call 713-783-6820 or email to plan a specific time to have your antiques evaluated.

Antique Pickers at work reviewing the value of seniors' prize possessions!

Antique Pickers at work

JOIN US on Wednesday, March 18, 2015, frm 10am to 3pm at Treemont Retirement Community, 2501 Westerland Drive at Westheimer. Call 713-783-7820 for details.

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