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Spotlight on Seniors: Housekeeping Benefits of Houston Assisted Living

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 7, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Housekeeping Benefits of Houston Assisted Living: Cleo Reynoso

The Treemont Family is fortunate to have Jose Cleofas "Cleo" Reynoso, with his friendly demeanor and great work ethic, back working at our independent living in Houston community. Many of you know that Cleo went to visit relatives in Mexico and had a heart attack while there. With delayed care, it is a miracle that Cleo is back and recovering nicely from this major health setback.housekeeping-benefits-of-houstoni-assisted-living-cleo-reynoso

Cleo is one of the many long-tenured employees (26 years!) that support our residents. Cleo is the Housekeeping Assistant under his brother, Housekeeping Director Reynoso. View article on the Reynoso Family Ties at this assisted living in Houston community. All residents are assigned a housekeeper to do weekly housekeeping in their apartment, as part of the retirement home's all-inclusive monthly senior apartment rental. This covers vacuuming, dusting, wiping down counters and cleaning the bathroom. Extra services include weekly laundering of sheets ($10/month), personal laundry ($8 load) and ironing ($1.50-$3.00 item).  General Cleaning, available at $15/hour, involves the resident directing specific tasks such as straightening closets, cleaning behind furniture and extra cleaning of kitchen and other areas.

Specifically Cleo supervises the housekeepers and does quality control to make sure the apartments are being kept clean, including carpet shampoo when needed. Cleo is also responsible for the common area upkeep, which includes throwing out the refuse room garbage in all buildings and room set up for Treemont’s varied activities. Cleo has worked at Treemont his entire work life, except for 3 years with Marriott Assisted Living.

Cleofas likes working with seniors due to the fact that, during the weekly entertainment, he loves to dance with our residents. He also loves them because he says they are like bright eyed children. Cleo’s favorite story is about a resident named Bob who would put on a wig and make him laugh and treated him like a son. That was an everyday thing.

Cleo is from Guerrero, Mexico, attending school in Mexico. As the oldest of 4 siblings, 1 sister and 3 brothers, Cleo worked to help his father provide for the family. He is not married, has no kids and lives by himself. He still has his father, age 85, who lives in Mexico. His mother passed away 9 years ago. Cleo came to Houston because his brother Ray, our Housekeeping Director, who also works at the same senior living in Houston community brought him here. Cleo used to box when he was 18 years old. He now likes to run and really enjoys all kinds of sports.

We are delighted to have Cleo Reynoso as a dedicated member of the Treemont team to make life at Treemont more carefree for our residents.

Maintenance-free living is another key benefit of residing in a senior living in Houston community, as is Peace-of-Mind for residents. An additional benefit of retirement communities in Houston is Socialization. To read about what residents say about Socialization, click here. Or to join us for a free lunch and tour, call Lupe or Linda at (713) 783-6820. For a general Introduction to Assisted Living, please click below to download a Free Assisted Living eBook.

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