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Assisted Living Houston Residents Benefit from Student Volunteers

Posted by Lisa Witt on Apr 17, 2017 6:47:00 AM

Assisted Living Houston Residents Benefit from Student Volunteers

Dana Tyson from 99.1 Sunny FM radio in Houston hosts the 5am to 11am radio slot. She has a segment entitled:"Tell Me Something Good" where she reads/reports human interest stories. Here is Activity Director Aimee Dubuisson’s contribution to “Tell me something Good” featured Friday, April 14th at 6:20am.Aimee_Vday_assisted_living_houstono_web_IMG_0590.jpg

“This morning, on your morning show, I heard you tell a story about a teacher who encourages students to volunteer at Senior Living Centers. Actually, there are teachers in Houston who encourage this kind of volunteerism and Treemont Retirement Community is the recipient of this blessing. I'm the Activity Director at Treemont Retirement Community and we have about 300 residents. Our median age is 85 years old, but we have many who are older — one 102 year old who's amazing. When the students visit to help our seniors, I call it "Grandkid for an afternoon" and our residents love it.

Several students from Tenney School come out often (several times a month) to help our residents with whatever they need. Their teacher, Ms. Beryl Bailey, accompanies them. They help our residents with clocks that need to be re-set, phones they need help learning to operate, mail that needs to be sorted and filed and things that have broken and the kids fix it. The students can go to the residents apartment on the "Buddy Plan" (since they can't into an apartment alone)  and fix most computer, phone or TV problems, they lift heavy boxes or get things down from a high shelf in the closet.  

Students from Alief Early College High School, where they attend college AND High School simultaneously, also come to help our residents.  Thanks to their teacher, Ms. Wanda Harrell, who encouraged this volunteer program, the students help with so many things — downloading & organizing music for our "Music & Memory Program",mail/package delivery, carrying dinner trays to their dining tables, and so forth. The residents look forward to visiting with these special young people; it's a relationship that benefits both the student and the resident.  Residents brag about "their grandkids" and how much they helped for days after they leave. 

These kids establish bonds with our residents and they call them "Grandma or Grandpa." It's heartwarming. We have a WWII hero who's heavily decorated for his bravery and for being injured in battle. I always attempt to have the students spend time with him so they can see that REAL heroes don't wear tights and a cape. We have some amazing residents, and amazing students, here at Treemont. 

Thanks to the special teachers who recognize that education should include not only course of studies, but real life experience. These amazing teachers invest their time into ensuring students are well rounded in every aspect of life, including giving back to the community and honoring the elderly. Treemont is grateful not only to the students who give so freely of their time, but to Ms. Bailey and Ms. Harrell, for being such fantastic teachers."  

The benefit of moving to a senior living in Houston community is the opportunity to be pampered a bit. This includes meals, housekeeping, entertainment, socialization and comaderie with one’s peers. In one's Golden Years, it’s big benefit to have entertainment as an integral part of the week. See if your Houston retirement home provides top entertainment. This is another question to ask your leasing agent when you tour your next assisted living in Houston, TX community. Click to learn more about The Top Ten Reasons Seniors Should Get Settled Now in a Houston retirement communities.  To learn more about Treemont either volunteering or about life in a senior living community, contact either at 713-783-6820 or our two resident coordinators Lupe or Linda at the same  number.

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