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Psychiatric Nurse Dina Gudas Helps Seniors Maintain Their Independence

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 22, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Psychiatric Nurse Dina Gudas Helps Treemont Residents Stay Independent

The purpose of Senior Allegiance is to permit Treemont residents to maintain an independent lifestyle in their own apartment for as long as possible. Seniors want to maintain their independence and a small, helping hand can mean all the difference between stayingd.gudas healthy or having continued health setbacks that require hospitalization or a higher level of care, such as assisted living or nursing. We are fortunate that Senior Allegiance, as part of its Medicare Home Health Program, has a full-time Psychiatric Nurse Dina Gudas, RN.

Senior Allegiance Administrator Karina Walker says:  With her extensive psychiatry knowledge and compassion, Dina has contributed to one the factors that make Senior Allegiance so unique and such as asset to the Treemont Community. The passion she has for psychiatric nursing shows in the way she cares for her patients. From teaching patients coping skills, working with psychiatric and primary care doctors to adjust medications/therapy, to helping families understand the mental illness component of their loved one’s care, Dina has played an integral part in many Treemont residents complete whole-person wellness and ability to live in an independent living setting as long as possible. Dina has also served as an educator to our staff in helping us understand the dynamics of different mental illnesses and the best way to approach patients.”

Are you aware that Medicare covers the cost of many of the services that allow you to remain active, especially if you have been hospitalized in the past year?  Senior Allegiance will work with your doctor to help identify service needs that can be provided under the Medicare program, including physical, occupational or speech therapy as well as nursing care.

Dina is from Grand Heren, Michigan having moved to Houston due to her husband’s job. She has two boys and was attracted to Senior Allegiance’s flexible hours and the opportunity to give back for all seniors have done for us. Dina is a Registered Nurse with 7 years of experience as a psychiatric nurse at Muskegon County Mental Health.

The Treemont Campus is fortunate to have a dedicated Psychiatric Nurse as part of the Senior Allegiance team to monitor medication compliance, mood/behavior, teach intervention to relieve anxiety and coping with auditory verbal hallucination (AVH).  Dina has helped many residents keep a balanced, independent lifestyle and we encourage you to reach out to Administrator Karina or Cindy Harrell (713) 975-1519 or to get an for an evaluation, as needed. Click to learn more about the importance of Mental Health Awareness. 

The goal of this home health agency is to help these senior living Houston residents stay Independent, Healthy and Happy with a little extra support. Click to learn about Independence Plus which is supportive care in one's independent apartment. This is an alternative to traditional assisted living, and can often be provided at a lower cost. To schedule a free consultation, please call (713) 975-1519.

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