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Assisted Living and Home Care Keeps Houston, TX Seniors Independent Longer

Posted by Lisa Witt on Oct 27, 2014 5:28:00 PM

Spotlight on Home Care Coordinator

Senior Allegiance has a Care Coordinator Supervisor named Cindy Harrell. Her job duties include coordinating both Personal Care for the independent and assisted living residents at Treemont Retirement Community as well as Home Health Care for those requiring nursing and therapy services. Treemont has a Preferred Provider Agreement with Senior Allegiance Home Care to provide a helping hand by providing such activities of daily living as medication management or AM/PM bathing/dressing so residents can remain independent in their apartments. Click on this link for more information on this program we call Independence Plus that combines assisted livng and home care. Independence Plus is an alternative to traditional Assisted Living, is provided in your own apartment and often is provided at a lower cost than traditional assisted living. 

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We encourage all Treemont Residents to sign a “Just in Case Agreement” with Senior Allegiance.  Cindy keeps a list of all Treemont residents for which Senior Allegiance has such an agreement to provide services as needed in the future.  There is no charge for signing a “Just in Case Agreement.”  

Having a signed Agreement provides for free assistance in an emergency and up to 3 free first aid follow-up visits.  It gives Senior Allegiance information on a resident’s general medical situation so as to respond more efficiently in an emergency.  It also fulfills the required documentation if Senior Allegiance provides routine first aid assistanceIt is extremely helpful for you to have a “Just in Case Agreement” so Senior Allegiance can quickly and efficiently respond to your situation.

Please call Cindy Harrell at 713-975-1519 or visit to ask questions or plan a visit!  


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