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Healthy Tips for Seniors: Physical Activity and Heart Disease

Posted by Lisa Witt on Feb 23, 2019 8:15:00 AM

Healthy Tips for Seniors: The Role of Physical Activity in Maintaining Heart Health

As people get older, is very common to see a decline in mobility. A person’s level of activity or type often changes as we age, due to illness, injuries, or general decline.  It is very important, however, to stay active to maintain a healthy life style. Adults who maintain a level of physical activity are at a lower risk for multiple diseases including Diabetes, Cancer, Obesity, Muscle Atrophy, Depression, and overall cognitive function.Laughter Yoga assisted living in houston

Physical Activity can greatly benefit your overall, health, but especially your heart. Without proper functioning of one’s heart, a person becomes susceptible to different conditions such as Coronary Artery disease and Hypertension that can lead to a Heart Attack or a stroke. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that heart disease is the number one cause of death for most people in the U.S.  Almost 525,000 Americans experience their first heart attack every year, and another 210,000 annually experience a recurrent Heart Attack.

The following are a few ways that maintaining a moderate level of physical activity can reduce the risk of Heart Disease:

  1. Strong heart muscles improve the ability of the heart to pump blood to your lungs and throughout your body, thereby increasing the level of oxygen in your body.
  2. It can lower Triglycerides that can form plaque inside your coronary arteries that cause narrowing of the arteries and reduce blood flow to your heart muscle, which can result in a Heart Attack.
  3. Assists your body to manage blood sugar and insulin levels to reduce risk for Diabetes mellitus II.
  4. Helps reduce being overweight and developing obesity.doctor_with_senior_man_in_rehab_on_ball_assisted_living_houston_tx
The following are ways to increase Physical Activity:
  1. Check out the exercise classes on the Treemont Activity Calendar ~ please confirm times ~
    1. Laughter yoga
    2. Exercise with Monica or Melissa (9am Tuesday to Saturday)
    3. Strength DVD (9:30am Tuesday to Friday)
    4. Chair Tai (1:30 Tuesday)
  2. Take a short walk 3-4 times a week.
  3. Take the stairs, if you are safely able to, rather than the elevator.
  4. Talk with your doctor about the possibility of obtaining Physical Therapy through a Home Health Agency such as Senior Allegiance, to have a Licensed Physical Therapist work with you on your specific activity goals.
  5. Senior Allegiance Personal Assistance Services also has a program called “restorative therapy” in which a trained caregiver can assist you with exercises recommended by a physical therapist.


Also always remember to consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

For more Information, call Karina Walker, DON, at Senior Allegiance at 713-975-1519
This independent living in Houston community is fortunate to have the expertise of a nurse from a home health care Houston company, Senior Allegiance Home Health, to advise assisted living Houston residents on best care practices. Click to view more Healthy Tips for Seniors.

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