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Healthy Tips for Seniors: Treemont Doctors

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jul 25, 2021 3:22:14 PM

Healthy Tips for Seniors: Need a Primary Care Doctor that Makes House Calls?
Meet Visiting Doctors: Dr. Nasiya Ahmed & Dr. Adrian Zaharia 
  1. A key benefit of having Senior Allegiance as Treemont’s Preferred Provider Home Care agency is that Senior Allegiance can arrange to have its patients seen by a doctor at Treemont. Senior Allegiance has partnered with two doctors: Dr. Nasiya Ahmed and Dr. Zaharia to provide on-site primary care physician (PCP) services for Treemont residents.Dr. Ahmed_senior living houston doctor

Dr. Nasiya Ahmed, founder of Village Physicians, specializes in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Palliative Care. Value is placed on the doctor-patient relationship, offering convenient and longer appointment times as well as after hour physician services. Dr. Ahmed will see residents through the entire continuum of care offered here at Treemont as well as Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital, then back to Treemont Independent Living or to Treemont Health Care Center if a rehab stay is needed. The idea is for your doctor to follow you wherever you go. For an on-site appointment at Treemont, contact Dr. Ahmed’s office at (832) 408-8575.

A native Houstonian and graduate of University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, Dr. Ahmed completed her residency and fellowship at the University of Arizona in Tucson. She is board certified in internal medicine, geriatrics, and palliative care. Dr. Ahmed was formerly Associate Professor at the McGovern Medical School in the Division of Geriatric and Palliative Medicine where she was medical director of their inpatient ACE (Acute care of the Elderly) Unit. More recently she worked at Intercede Health where she was medical director for their Transitional Care Clinic, caring for patients with difficult to manage chronic illnesses. Dr. Ahmed is passionate about health and wellness and her goal is to use her multidisciplinary geriatric skills to promote health and wellness in all adults.

Dr. Zaharia has worked with Senior Allegiance since 2010. He is trained to provide comprehensive medical care for elderly and agingdr zaharia_treemont senior living houston doctor patients. As patients age, they may experience an increased susceptibility to illness and injury. In some cases, illnesses or injuries in seniors may overlap to create complicated diagnostic and treatment processes. Dr. Zaharia is trained to diagnose, treat and manage these and any related medical situations in seniors. Specializing in Geriatric medicine and Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Dr. Zaharia did his medical residency 20 years ago at the University of Texas at Houston. He is affiliated with the Truman Physicians Group, which also makes it easier for those who see Dr. Nguyen, Medical Director at the Treemont Health Care Center.

Senior Allegiance will assist with coordinating with Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Zaharia any assistance required, including blood work, x-ray, medication refill, or setting up an appointment. If you would like set up either doctor as your primary care physician please contact Senior Allegiance for an appointment. These doctors can also arrange for a Home Health visit through Medicare.

 Also always remember to consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

For more Information, call Karina Walker, Administrator, RN at Senior Allegiance at 713-975-1519

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This independent living in Houston community is fortunate to have the expertise of a nurse from a home health care Houston company, Senior Allegiance Home Health, to advise assisted living Houston residents on best care practices.
To find general information on Assisted Living Options — what to consider. to view more Healthy Tips for Seniors.

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