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Healthy Tips for Seniors: How to Talk with Your Healthcare Provider

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 21, 2021 7:00:00 AM

Healthy Tips for Seniors: Tips on Improving Communication with your Healthcare Provider

Having good communication between you and your healthcare providers is important for your health. Sharing all information with your healthcare provider about your health situation is key to receiving the proper quality of care. The challenge is that most appointments with your healthcare provider are short. Here are a few suggestions to help get the most out of your visits when seeing your healthcareblood pressure clinic at senior living houston1 provider. 

Before your Appointment:

  1. Make a list of 2-3 things you most want to talk about with your provider and bring this list to your appointment.
  2. Make a list of past and current health problems, including surgery or treatments. It is also important to include medications that have caused unwanted side effects.
  3. Keep a list of all healthcare providers that you are currently seeing.
  4. Bring a list of your most current medications including dose, frequency, and reason for taking, plus a list of your vitamin supplements.
  5. Bring pen and paper.
  6. If possible bring a family member/friend/caregiver that can assist with providing information that you might overlook or forget. 

During your Appointment

  1. Answer all of the questions that your healthcare provider asks, even if they may feel uncomfortable, such as mental health problems, drinking, or sex.
  2. Make sure you ask questions if you don’t understand. It is crucial that you understand what your provider is saying. Remember: there are no dumb questions. Please speak up.
  3. Inform your provider of any cultural or religious traditions that might affect your care.
  4. Ask your provider to provide written information to make it easier to refer back to when you get home. 

After your Appointment

  1. Update your personal medical record any time anything changes (i.e., medications, procedures).
  2. Contact your doctor with any changes such as new symptoms and/or any visits to the hospital since your last doctor’s visit.

If you or your loved ones no longer have a primary physician, Senior Allegiance has arranged for two physicians, Dr. Zaharia and Dr. Ahmed, to do in home visits. Call our office at 713-975-1519 for information on how to arrange a doctor visit with one of these physicians.

For Treemont residents, Senior Allegiance can provide caregivers and Home Health services. Senior Allegiance Home Health can provide Skilled Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Social worker. Senior Allegiance Personal Assistance Services provides many different services that can assist with performing Activities of daily living safely. We are also able to connect with two visiting physicians, Dr. Zaharia and Dr. Ahmed, for in home visits. We also work closely with Dr. Merkl, a psychiatrist, who also provides in home visits. 

Always remember to consult with your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
For more Information, call Karina Walker, Administrator, RN at Senior Allegiance at 713-975-1519
This independent living in Houston community is fortunate to have the expertise of a nurse from a home health care Houston company, Senior Allegiance Home Health, to advise assisted living Houston residents on best care practices. Click to view more Healthy Tips for Seniors.

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