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Flexibility is the Watch Word at Treemont

Posted by Lisa Witt on May 18, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Flexibility is the Watch Word at Treemont Senior Living 

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) such as Treemont offer a full and flexible approach to senior living. That means independent seniors who move to Treemont can have peace of mind, knowing that extra care options are available when needed.2 Frank Martin Gilligan and assisted living houston marketing team  Treemont provides the initial flexibility of allowing residents to move in to independent living, assisted living or skilled nursing.  Treemont then makes it easy for residents to transition to a different level of care as their needs may change.  Interestingly, Treemont has as many residents who’s care need decrease and are able to move from nursing to independent living, as the other way around.

For residents who move in fit but have an unexpected fall or stroke, they have a variety of extra care options available to help get them back to independence. This includes the ability to do rehab therapy in Treemont’s Health Care Center. Upon return to their independent living apartment, the senior can get additional help with showers or other services when desired. This is possible because Treemont has a preferred provider home health care arrangement with Senior Allegiance, which has an office on campus. Senior Allegiance is more flexible than most home health companies by offering smaller/shorter increments of care within the Treemont Campus.  Treemont residents, for example, can purchase just a 15 or 30 minute increment of assistance per day, 2 368A3019_Joanne Stinson and son senior assisted living houstoninstead of the typical 2 hour home care minimum.  This is a more economical way for Treemont residents to get just those services they need while rebuilding their independence.  The ready availability of “flexible” add-on home care services adds a new dimension of care to the “traditional” continuing care mix at Treemont.

Most Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) are “buy-in” communities, requiring very large entry fee or “buy-in” payments which often exceed a quarter to half million dollars. Treemont, however, is a  pay-as-you-go, rental community that is more affordable yet provides all the benefits and flexibility of a much higher priced continuing care campus.  The payment plans at Treemont become another aspect of the “flexibility” that helps Treemont be a good solution for the needs of many seniors and their families. It's a great value!

Treemont believes it’s mission is to help seniors get the “right” level of care.  We want to be a resource for seniors and their families who are seeking to understand the various alternatives that can help them live the life they want.  Not all seniors are a good fit at Treemont, and we can help suggest other alternatives for those who need them.  For our residents, Treemont can act as an extension of the family who is “keeping an eye out” for any warning signals that might suggest areas of change or concern.  We provide transportation for residents to doctor’s appointments, and on occasion we may also reach out to residents or family members to suggest the need for a doctor appointment if we notice any changes in the resident’s abilities or behaviors.    

Treemont recognizes the concerns that most seniors express about the affordability of senior care, and their desire to get a good value to help preserve and pass along a nest egg that they have worked hard all their lives to accumulate.  Our rental approach and our flexible care options are an important part of addressing these financial concerns.  Treemont also works to help seniors understand and secure other financial benefits. For example, Treemont has partnered with a third party to help its Veterans get signed up for VA Aid & Attendance benefits that can be used to help the senior with activities of daily living. They continue to look for ways to afford and get good value regardless of what level of care they need.

After 45 years of serving Houstonian families, residents report the #1 reason residents choose Treemont, is its long-tenured caring staff. .  “I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be so warmly greeted every day when I visit my sister,” says Evelyn.  “I am also happy knowing that, when needed, my sister can get extra care for a short time frame, such as AM/PM care (getting dressed and groomed inTreemont senior living houston veterans at astros game2 the morning and helped to bed in the evening) at time period 8 hours apart. Otherwise, I’d have to retain a caregiver for many hours instead of just when my sister needs the care.”

Treemont staff is known to go above and beyond to help its residents. Whether it is a simple task such as hanging pictures or changing a light bulb, the task is done with a pleasant and happy to help demeanor. There are even times when a staff member will go the extra mile to take residents to an Astros game or special holiday event. The Team is devoted to making Treemont home to its residents.

For more information, please call Linda, Lupe or Keri at 713-783-6820. For Nursing, rehabilitation or assisted living, call Kelli at 713-816-2033. Treemont is located in the Memorial / Westchase neighborhood at 2501 Westerland Blvd near Gessner.  They are happy to have walk-in tours, including on weekends.


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