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Residents Review Continuum of Care Retirement Community Options

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jan 12, 2015 5:00:00 AM

Benefits of A Continuum of Care Campus Reviewed

Late-life transitions can be challenging and making the right assisted living or retirement home choice for your particular circumstance can be a challenge. Like most decisions, careful research into senior living in Houston, TX is the key. It is natural to think that you or your senior relative just needs a little 

assisted-living-houston-tx-manhelping hand so the thought is to look at a senior apartment first. This type of living arrangement might have some meals offered as well as nice tennis courts of a pool area. Will it provide the longer-term peace-of-mind that additional support is available so you can age in place?


There is often confusion as to what services are provided in a senior independent living apartment vs a retirement community or an assisted living or nursing home in Houston, TX. What if you could have all of the above on one campus? What is a continuing care retirement community? And what are the benefits of a CCRC or Continuing Care Retirement Campus?


Hear from Bob Gindler about his experience after he fell while living in a senior independent living apartment at Treemont. Bob valued that he could have his independence but also have the safety of having a nursing and rehab center on the same campus in which he lived.


Other folks value other aspects of a continuum of care options,such as Independence Plus. This program offers seniors the option of staying longer, independent in their apartment with a helping hand from a home health company. Residents can get daily assistance with such daily tasks as Medication Management or Bathing and Dressing. This can keep seniors independent longer at a lower cost than traditional assisted living communities.


Other residents such as Joanne Driscoll have experienced first-hand the benefits of having the multiple levels of care on one campus. Joanne came in on a gurney to the nursing and rehab center and left walking independently and choosing to live in a senior living community.


Feel free to check out a blog on Senior Independent Living vs Senior Living Communities in Houston, TX. It is always good to be well-informed on assisted living in Houston, TX. It is also advised to visit multiple communities and stay for lunch and join in an ongoing resident activity. This is always the best way to determine if a particular community “feels right” and is the best fit for you. The staff will also be able to discuss the benefits of a continuum of care community so as Bob discovered your address does not have to change as your care needs do.

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