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Assisted Living Reviews Houston: Socialization

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 22, 2015 1:30:00 PM

Assisted Living Reviews Houston: Socialization

No matter what stage of your search for a retirement home or assisted living community, you are likely experiencing trepidation about what comes next. It is a big step to sell your home of 40+ years or move out of a large apartment. The uncertainty can be disconcerting.assisted-living-reviews-houston

~ How will I adapt to a new home?

~ Will I make new friends?

~ Will I be comfortable in a smaller living space?

~ Will my health care needs be met now, or later, as needed?

~ Will I be happy?

Socialization, Activities, Companionship & Making New Friends

Studies have shown that seniors who socialize and stay active among their peers, are happier and maintain a better quality of life. Treemont has a robust activities program designed to engage its residents. But there are other intangible benefits of residing in a senior living community. Here’s what current residents have to say on this topic.

I enjoy going to the dining room 3 times a day. I think the most important thing is just being around people. Some people don’t come down to eat 3 times a day. They say they’re not hungry. If they aren’t hungry, let them come down sit at the table and just drink a cup of coffee and visit and be around people. I think that’s very important.              ~ Helen

I’ve enjoyed the residents who varied and full of fun. I love the informal atmosphere. It’s like a home. It’s not institutional in any way. The activities are interesting and informative.     ~Joanne

                 One of my favorite things is every Thursday the residents go to lunch.  We go where we want to go, not where Treemont wants us to go.  We get to know everyone really well.     ~Jeanne

          I have been here for 3 years and have a lovely apartment that’s affordable. I enjoy the surroundings. The people are pleasant and there is a diversity of people I wouldn’t have been exposed to in my old life.  I have enjoyed that tremendously.       ~Lois

       I have a nice big apartment with 2 bedrooms. I have made friends here. I’m very pleased, very happy. ~ Helen

We’ve been fortunate to find some fine dining partners. At my table, there’s a lady raised in Houston, a gentleman engineer and a geologist. We share experiences in the oil business. You never want to go on a cruise with assigned seating lest you have 14 days of misery. That’s not the case here. You find your place. It’s a good system. The dining room is an exceptional place. It’s incredible the quality is consistently high while providing so many people with so many meals.     ~George

This blog post describes the benefits of assisted living via the “real life” experiences of Houston residents who made their senior living decision — and chose Treemont

Visit a Community. It is always a wise move to take the time to visit the community a few times — have lunch, join an entertainment event, party or activity. Meet residents who have had illustrative careers in banking, oil and gas industry, teaching and other careers. Join their coffee klatches and see the camaderie that has developed. It is a joy to see the new friendships made among senior residents in assisted living communities. It is a pleasure to have senior tell me how happy they are in their new home, without the upkeep of their home, or having to worry about cooking meals.

It is so hard to overcome the emotion of selling one’s 50-year home or downsizing from a large apartment to a smaller one. It is often hard to imagine that new friendships can be forged in one’s golden years. Residing in an active senior living community in Houston, TX can be the best of all worlds…independence, activities, companionship, stability and great food!  Plan to visit a few communities to determine which would be the best fit for you. I often hear the only complaint a resident has after moving to Treemont Retirement Community is, “I just wish I knew then what I know now….and if I did, the one thing I would have changed is I would have moved sooner!”  This is the time to take the necessary steps to secure your lifestyle for the future. Take the first step by scheduing your free lunch and tour.

For more information, or to schedule a lunch and tour, please call Lupe or Linda at (713) 783-6820. Treemont is located near the Galleria at 2501 Westerland Drive at Westheimer. Click to learn why residents chose Treemont.

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