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Assisted Living Houston TX: Top 10 Questions to Ask

Posted by Lisa Witt on Oct 9, 2014 3:49:00 PM

Questions to Ask When Searching for an Assisted Living Facility

Grand daughter shares a hug in Grandma's assisted living facilityThis article provides the top 13 questions you might ask the leasing agent when you are searching for assisted living Houston or retirement community options.

1.     Financial Arrangements:  Rental apartment vs Buy-in? 
 What is the best value in senior living community options?  Do you prefer a monthly rental lease or a commitment to make a significant financial downpayment plus a monthly rental fee?  See a retirement community's rate schedule to learn more.


2.      Independent Living Services Provided.  This blog topic will discuss the array of services that might include meals, housekeeping, transportation, beauty shop, gift shop, types of activities, availability of private dining room, personal laundry services, and more. Good to know before you move in. See to learn more.Download FREE e-Book An Introduction to Assisted Living

3.        Food & Dining Room Amenities.  This topic discusses seated vs buffet dining room, number of meals daily, availability of tray service in your apartment, dietary and other meal options offered in a senior living or nursing home facility.. Click to view the blog post.



4.       Housekeeping & Laundry Service. What is covered in your housekeeping service and what laundry options are available in assisted independent living?


5.         Activities & Entertainment.  Does the community have a robust activities program? If so, what types of activities and are they focused in-house or also on outside excursions in the retirement community you are researching?


6.         Peace-of-Mind Retirement Living Options.  You are living in an independent living community but what options are there to give adult children "peace-of-mind" that their parents are checked on?  Is it important to have nursing home care, home health care and rehabilitation services on the same campus?


7.        Retirement Community Level of Care Options.  Are you moving into a 55+ community that has meals and other support options?  Does your new community permit you to "age in place" so that your address doesn't have to change as your needs do?  It is important to know if a community can address independent, assisted and nursing needs if this is important to you?  See for more information.


8.         Senior Living Apartment Options.  What types of apartments are available, one-bedroom vs two-bedroom.  Is a kitchenette sufficient or is a full kitchen a priority? What amenities are you looking for in assisted living?


9.         Location and Amenities.  Are you located in a safe neighborhood?  Are you close to hospitals, shopping and other amenities?


10.       Is Home Health Care on Premise?  Residents might be completely independent now, but may need a helping hand down the road with medicaton management or dressing and bathing. If there is a home health entity on premise, this can be an asset to get an occasional or daily helping hand as you your needs change without having to make a move to a new residence.


11.       Retirement Community Staff Longevity.  The staff plays an important role in the daily life of residents.  It can be a plus to see that staff have been in place for a long time as it can indicate they love what they do and have a "mission" approach to working with seniors.


12.       Retirement Home Pet Policy.  Pets are extraordinarily important.  If you have a pet, find out if there is a pet policy.  What is the maximum size of pet?  What fees may apply?


13.       Are Senior Living Residents Happy at the Community They Chose? Search the senior living community's website to see what resident's are saying in videos or written testimonials.  Check out he company's Google + and Facebook pages to see what real residents say and if they call their community "home."


Assisted Living Houston TX:

What are our top 10 questions when searching for senior living in Houston, TX options? As you research how to find a retirement community, some of these 13 topics will be of higher priority in your decision making process than others as you choose the best fit. For example, if you have dog or cat, naturally, the answer to whether an assisted living community is pet-friendly is on the top on your list.  I hope that, as you review each of these blog posts, the information will help you determine which issues are most important to you. When you visit a senior living community, bring a list of questions so you can feel confident and well-prepared.  The answers to your questions will help you decide whether a particular community is a good fit for you or your senior family member.  I will cover one of the above topics in each blog post.  Feel free to ask questions if my comments generate additional questions I have not answered.

Download FREE e-Book An Introduction to Assisted Living

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