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Assisted Living Houston TX Dining & Amenities: What You Should Ask

Posted by Lisa Witt on Oct 18, 2014 12:50:00 PM

Assisted Living Dining & Amenties: Questions You Should Ask

Who are we kidding?  Food is likely the #1 item people comment on in customer satisfaction surveys at retirement communities.  There are up to 3 opportunities each day to delight or dismay one’s residents.  Here are some basic questions to ask when you visit a retirement community See response to each question in italics as they apply to Treemont Retirement Community, an assisted living Houston, TX community.


Here's what you should know about assisted living dining room questions.

  1. How many meals do you serve a day?Treemont serves 3 meals, 7 days a week. The main so-called "dinner" meal is served as lunch time. 
  2. Do you have meals on weekends? Yes, weekend meals are the same as for week day meals. 
    1. Do you provide seated dining? Yes, menus are provided on the table and residents are served as if a restaurant.
    2. Do you have the option of going through a buffet line?  Breakfast is buffet style, whereas lunch and dinner you have the option to go through the buffet or have table service.
    3. What are the times that breakfast, lunch and dinner are served? Breakfast is 7am-9am; Lunch, Noon to 1pm but the buffet opens at 11:30am; Dinner is served 5pm-6pm, with the buffet open at 4:30pm.
    4. Do residents have a dress code for meals? No, suits and dresses are not required. We have found that dressing up is fun initially but might not be as appealing daily.Ladies_in_Assisted_Living_Dining_Room
    5. Can I get a tray-service delivered to my apartment? Is there a fee for this service?  Yes, you may get a tray-service delivery on an occasional basis if you are sick.  Otherwise, the fee is $2.00 per service.
    6. What options are there for diabetics?   Our new food service director has identified the need for increased diabetic options. Our new menu has a minimum of two proteins and two vegetables per meal period. This is also in addition to our fresh salad bar in which we commonly have 5 to 6 healthy salad options.
  1. Do you have healthy meal options?  Yes, we currently have numerous healthy option available daily. Our new fall 2014 menu has a direct focus on healthy light dishes with bold and exciting flavors.
  2. Do you have multiple entrée and vegetable options at each meal?  Yes, at each meal period we have at least two hot entrees, two vegetables and one starch. We also have our fully stocked salad bar in which you can order an entrée salad or fruit plate. You can also create your own sandwich at our well stocked sandwich bar.
  3. Are residents assigned a specific table in the dining room?  Yes.  We find it comforting to residents to have assigned seating.  Our Food Service Manager, working with our Resident Coordinator, will get new residents assigned to a table.  We work closely with new residents to make sure they are compatible with their fellow residents and will quickly change assignments based on the resident’s request.
  4. Can I visit and join you for lunch so I can sample the food? Yes, absolutely.  Click here to sign up for a lunch visit. We encourage you to tour and stay for lunch.  That is the best way to sample the food and get better acquainted with our community and residents.
  5. Can I invite guests to dine with me?  Yes.  New residents receive a couple of guest passes.  Residents can purchase guest passes at the Front Desk.  Meals range from $8 to $10 per person.
  6. Is there a room to host family and friends for special occasions? Yes.  Residents can reserve the Green Room and other common areas for special events and parties.  Please see the Activities Director to reserve the room who, will in turn, coordinate with the Food Service Director should you want Treemont to cater your event.


Private_Dining_Room_in_Assisted_Living_FacilityI hope I've been able to answer many of your questions on assisted living dining room options.  Visit a community and have lunch as that is the best way to learn about the food quality and service. Your leasing agent should ask if you would like to have lunch when you visit.  If not ask if you can stay for lunch or dinner, which ever is more convenient.  

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