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Assisted Living Houston Rainbow Room Dance Rekindles Fond Memories!

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 14, 2017 1:59:00 PM

Assisted Living Houston Rainbow Room Dance Rekindles Fond Memories 

Do you remember the 1940’s and the way it felt to be part of the war effort?  Do you remember the feeling of unity when our Nation was plunged in an effort to build aircrafts, jeeps and ships?  Recycling is not something new, back then, we recycled everything. Kids would join the effort collecting metal scraps with their wagons to be repurposed or collectingassisted living houston dance_web_20160227_191826.jpg used lard to be sent overseas to lubricate machinery.  We were proud that our Country was united and strong. Even the music seemed more wonderful, became the soundtrack of so many lives, has endured over the decades and still cannot be bested.  

Take a journey back to that era with Treemont Retirement Community Residents, this Saturday evening, June 17th at 7pm in the Treemont Auditorium. For just an evening, you can be transported back to that time when cares were simpler and hearts were young and full of hope, despite the war in which our Country was engaged. 

For one Saturday evening, Treemont will be entrenched in the 1940’s with their themed dance SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE RAINBOW ROOM.”   In partnership with Heights Sunday School Class Volunteers from Second Baptist Church, the dance will feature the intoxicating sounds of the era, thanks to the Lone Star Big Band,” an 18 piece Big Band. Be prepared to dance to the tunes of Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller, The Mills Brothers and Harry James, to name a few. The New York skyline will be the backdrop and the magic will begin.  This dance theme will be Black and White attire and decorations.  


We invite the community to attend this third Treemont dance sponsored by the Second Baptist Heights Singles Class as part of their Heights June 2017 Mission Project. Check out the social benefits of life in a Houston senior living community in a fun, low-key way. The previous sock hop and western dances were huge successes. As a result Treemont residents are already a-buzz at the thought of wearing their best black and white attire and dancing until the band stops playing.  Of course, the band is always begged to play at least ONE more tune — and the Bill Braun-led band graciously complies.  Hors d’oeuvres and libations will be served.

Join us on Saturday, June 17th, 2017 from 7pm – 9pm for an unforgettable evening. RSVP to or call 713-783-6820. Treemont is located at 2501 Westerland Drive at Westheimer in the Memorial area.

UPDATE: To view photos of the dance, click here.

The benefit of moving to a senior living in Houston community is the opportunity to be pampered a bit. This includes meals, housekeeping, entertainment, socialization and comaderie with one’s peers. In one's Golden Years, it’s big benefit to have entertainment as an integral part of the week. See if your Houston retirement home provides top entertainment. This is another question to ask your leasing agent when you tour your next assisted living in Houston, TX community. Click to learn more about The Top Ten Reasons Seniors Should Get Settled Now in a Houston retirement communities.  To learn more about Treemont either volunteering or about life in a senior living community, contact either at 713-783-6820 or our two resident coordinators Lupe or Linda at the same  number.

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