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Activities for Seniors Houston Assisted Living: Operating Sightless in a Sighted World Seminar

Posted by Lisa Witt on Jun 8, 2017 11:02:00 AM

Activities for Seniors Houston Assisted Living: Operating Sightless in a Sighted World Seminar

Activity Director Aimee is offering a new class for sightless seniors in a sighted world, called 2nd Sight Class, Tuesdays at 2:30pm. Aimee was surprised that about 40 of our residents have some sort of eye impairment, some only perceiving light, and some with macular degeneration and other sight impairments.Lighthouse presentation 055_assisted living houston sightless persons-1.jpg

Aimee thought Treemont should provide support, and thus launched the Tuesday Sightless Person Seminar to assist such individuals to cope in a sighted world. Aimee did her research and partnered with a local organization, The Lighthouse of Houston  (formerly Lighthouse of the Blind), whose mission is to assist sightless seniors. “I didn't realize these seniors can't find the cycles on the washing machines or the elevator buttons or to even use their phone. They can't see the food on their plates or find their coffee cups and water glasses,” says Aimee. “Their needs are so much greater than I ever suspected.”

Many of these resident stay in their rooms and do not participate in activities. Aimee made sure the resident notices about the Tuesday class stated that if residents have a neighbor or table-mate who is sightless or low-vision please tell them about the meeting, since they cannot read the notices.  That's how the low-vision people learned of the 2nd Sight Class.   

On May 30th, Aimee had the Vice President of The Lighthouse along with the Director of Behavioral Medicine for The Lighthouse to visit her Eye-Deficient Class at Treemont to provide instruction on how to function in a sightless world. The Lighthouse Team who visited are:

   Shelagh Moran,  Vice President  713-284-8490
   Melinda B Benjumea, LPC, Director, Behavioral Health Services - 713-284-8440
   Ana Aparico, Information & Referral Services - 713-284-8422

The Lighthouse’s agenda has been to reach out to Houston Market of Senior Living Facilities. Treemont is their first senior living community and we hope to assist them in achieving this end.

The next step is The Lighthouse wants us to transport Treemont residents to the Lighthouse so they can teach them to function in a sightless world. The first outing is on June 13th.  Aimee arranged for Treemont to transport a group to the Lighthouse and will stay with them for guidance. The Lighthouse said their staff will devote their staff team to solely work with our residents immediately and individually.

This is another impressive endeavor by Treemont’s Activity Department to support its residents! Yes, Treemont sponsors entertainment, dances, seminars, gardening, board games, crafts and bridge game and other activities. But it also hones in on unique needs of seniors. Come visit and see for yourself what Treemont offers its independent living residents

There are so many benefits of residing at a Houston independent living community. A key one is socialization. Come check out your options and hopefully Treemont will be one that will resonate. Residents discuss topics from the food, the maintenance-free living, the socialization with new friends, and being pampered by the staff. Read about how retirement home staff can lead to resident satisfaction. Some residents talk about the benefit of having an outstanding staff who cater to their every need.

Active senior living communities like Treemont have robust activities for seniors that lead to resident satisfaction. Discover how valuable the socialization with one’s peersand activities for seniors contribute to resident happiness and fulfillment.Active seniors desire such programming!

Find out if musical performances are woven into the activities program of the community you are considering.

Choosing a retirement community is an important decision. There is no substitute for a visit to the community you are considering. Think of your college days. You likely visited a few schools and kicked a few tires before you made a final decision.It is highly recommended that you visit a few communities as part of your decision-making process and speak with residents about their experiences.

To learn more about Treemont Retirement Community, call Sam or Linda at 713-783-6820 or click Come for lunch and a tour as that is the best way to meet residents, visit the community and find out if this community fits your lifestyle! This senior living community is located at 2501 Westerland Dr. @ Westheimer, not far from the Galleria in the Memorial/West Chase  neighborhoods.

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