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Activities for Seniors Houston Assisted Living: Harvey Comfort Birds

Posted by Lisa Witt on Feb 20, 2018 10:38:00 AM

Activities for Seniors Houston Assisted Living: Comfort Birds Harvey Seniors

The Woodcarving Group at Reynoldsburg Senior Citizens Center in Reynoldsburg, Ohio sent a box of beautifully carved, exqusite, wooden birds "Comfort Birds" to convey comfort and support, despite the distance, to our Senior Survivors of Harvey. Guided by Center Director Judy Doran, who reached out to Treemont Activity Director Aimee Dubuisson about receiving "comfort birds" for 11 Harvey victims who moved to Treemont. These senior living Houston residents shown below (with Aimee) were thrilled to be part of thisassisted living  houston residents who received comfort birds 2018-02-08 21 24 21_web.jpg heartfelt initiative.

The comfort birds are made of various kinds of wood and sanded to a smooth finish. In the May 2, 2016 issue of Wood Carving Illustrated, Kathleen Ryan recalls how Frank created the Comfort Birds. Frank Foust started carving comfort birds in 1982.  He and some other carving enthusiast created these pieces of art. He called them Comfort Birds because they are so smooth and soft and they fit in your hand, so that it's comforting just to hold and rub them. The Bird is givein as a token of support and an act of knidness. When gntly rubbed, the Bird can bring comfort to the recipient as they handle life's journey. The Comfort Bird serves as a tangible reminder that someone loves and cares about you! As of the writing of the article in 2016, Foust had carved over 1,100 birds.

These birds were intended to remind those who lost everything that someone (who's never met them) loves them and wishes them well.  Click ot view a video explaining this genuinely caring project. The exquisitely carved birds are just small enough to fit into the palm of a senior’s hand, have been beautifully sanded to a glistening, smooth finish that brings comfort when held and rubbed. “It was an amazing morning, very emotional and very healing for our residents brought to us by Harvey,” describes Aimee Dubuisson..  

comfort birds for treemont assisted living houston.jpg

One victim who was carried over the shoulder of a first responder to a boat stated that her bird was definitely a female — when asked if she had named it, she said "not yet, but I will," 

These birds were carved and mailed to Treemont Retirement Community for those who lost their houses, cars, clothes, furniture —- you might say, their “former” lifestyle to Hurricane Harvey. On February 9, 2018, these birds were given to those survivors who are struggling to rebuild their lives. Each survivor clutched the small carving and shared stories of being rescued by boat, friends, carried over a “first responders shoulder” through the flood waters. You could see the impact that small bird had upon the group.   They were touched, they were happy, they were together and all were beginning the healing process.Resident Survivors wanted the names of those they should thank — their appreciation was palpable.  If the Senior Community in Reynoldsburg, Ohio wanted to show support and love for the Harvey Survivors — MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!!

In today’s world, this level of compassion and caring is rarely displayed.   Thanks to all who shared their spirit of kindness and their magnificent carving talents with people who needed it so badly.  

Click here to read  more from Bill Douglas of the Wood Carving group about how the Comfort Bird project was conceptualized.

This is another caring endeavor by Treemont’s Activity Department to support its residents. Treemont sponsors entertainment, dances, seminars, gardening, board games, crafts and bridge game and other activities. But it also hones in on unique needs of seniors who might need extra support during a challenging time. Come visit and see for yourself what Treemont offers its independent living residents

comfort birds carver assisted living houston.jpgThere are so many benefits of residing at a Houston independent living community. A key one is socialization. Come check out your options and hopefully Treemont will be one that will resonate. Residents discuss topics from the food, the maintenance-free living, the socialization with new friends, and being pampered by the staff. Read about how retirement home staff can lead to resident satisfaction. Some residents talk about the benefit of having an outstanding staff who cater to their every need.

Choosing a retirement community is an important decision. There is no substitute for a visit to the community you are considering. Think of your college days. You likely visited a few schools and kicked a few tires before you made a final decision.It is highly recommended that you visit a few communities as part of your decision-making process and speak with residents about their experiences.

To learn more about Treemont Retirement Community, call Lupe or Linda at 713-783-6820 or click Come for lunch and a tour as that is the best way to meet residents, visit the community and find out if this community fits your lifestyle! This senior living community is located at 2501 Westerland Drive @ Westheimer, not far from the Galleria in the Memorial/West Chase  neighborhoods.

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