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Color Me Calm: Activities for Seniors Houston Assisted Living

Posted by Lisa Witt on Aug 5, 2015 12:00:00 PM

Color Me Calm: Activities for Seniors Houston Assisted Living

On July 14, our assisted living Houston community held its first adult coloring class. It activities_for_seniors_houston_assisted_living_color_me_calmwas a tremendous success and everyone had a good time.  A Sunday "Color Me Calm" Houston Chronicle article was published, and a lot of the residents read it. Naturally, it was all the "buzz" in our independent living in Houston dining room. Although it met with a bit of resistance from a few of our "prickly" residents (why don't you ever plan an "adult" activity), the article surely helped with the turnout.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the new activity. Seniors chatted, new senior living residents came and met our seasoned residents, and everyone said it was "so much fun." It's a thrill to see Treemont residents having such a good time.

There are always a variety of activities for seniors at Treemont. The coloring class is turning into a social event and the crowd on July 28th, a week later, proved this was not just a one time phenomenen. See photos of the class at “play.” The class also attracted the darling "most Jr. Volunteer" we have.   Her name is activities_for_seniors_houston_assisted_living_OliviaOlivia and she and senior living resident Vivian Waddell bonded last year over an activity when the “Little Lights” school children came to entertain at our Houston assisted living community residents. Today Olivia and her mom came by to color with Vivian! Today we had an extra treat with a student showing u to demonstrate Origami for our residents. That will be for another story.

To learn more about other assisted living activities in Houston and other Treemont HappeningsCheck out this recently published assisted living Activities Calendar for August 2015.If you are looking for a retirement community in Houston, keep in mind the importance of choosing one that encourages a vibrant, active social calendar. Read more about how residents form lasting friendships in senior living Houston communities.  

Please call Activity Director Aimee Dubuisson to RSVP at 713-783-6820 or email her at To plan lunch and a tour, please call Lupe or Linda at 713-783-6820.

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